20 Jun

Wireless Security Cameras for Law Enforcement Police

Surveillance cameras have proved to be a necessary tool for police and other law enforcement professionals. They create strong evidence for convictions and can also aid in protection for the officers themselves.

Now, as wireless router strength has increased and 4G cellular service areas have grown, wireless security cameras have become practical.

Wireless cameras are easy to move to new locations in minutes

On-the-fly portability allows for temporary situations such as urban police surveillance, monitoring critical situations, and public events. When the need for surveillance changes, simply unplug the camera and move it to a new location. Choose the 4G model for use in 4G cellular service areas, or  WiFi. (You will need internet access for the router). with a fully charged RSI Series camera your have a complete solar powered wireless cloud recording solution perfect for moble surveillance.

Officers can watch live or recorded video from anywhere


If you have access to the internet you can access your surveillance cameras. Use your computer, tablet, or smart phone. No special software is required. Simply use Internet Explorer, your cell phone’s browser, or an app.

High resolution video so you can zoom in and capture evidence


The RSI camera series has 720p video recording options, and offers up to 5 mega pixel time-lapse photography still images that gives enough added resolution to zoom in and capture license plate numbers, faces, equipment parts and other critical details.

Custom covert cameras without the tell-tale cables

No Cables, No DVR, and 100% Wireless

A truly unique product in the U.S. market – eLine Technology’s 4G and WiFi wireless cloud cameras are easy to install in almost any location without cables and without a DVR. Each camera stores its video right inside the camera until the user uploads the video to the cloud saving you on 4g and 3g data. Cloud storage keeps video and images safe and secure.

Click here to learn more about the RSI series camera

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