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Wireless Security Cameras for Construction Sites

Construction sites need temporary video surveillance in a dirty, and sometimes wet environment. Site managers and project teams want to visit the site over the internet in order to efficiently manage multiple construction projects at once. When the construction project is done, the cameras need to be easily moved to a new location. That’s a tall order for most security video systems.

The RSI Solar Wireless all in one site surveillance camera is the option.

Save big money by eliminating DVRs and cabling

Since the RSI Series camera is a self-contained camera system, providing recording, cloud storage and time-lapse photography, you save time and money over traditional systems. There’s no DVR to buy, and hence no cabling from the camera to a DVR. There’s no network cabling to run for internet access because of the wireless or cellular antennas. Also, since the camera is solar powered you can run the camera without power cabling. The camera when fully charged can run 3 days without sun light. The cloud storage service provides easy VMS access and management from any device.

When the construction project is done, simply move the wireless camera to a new site

Due to the elimination of cabling, RSI series cameras are easily installed in any location and can be relocated in minutes. All they need is  to be fully charged power and internet access. WiFi, 4G cellular, and/or solar power options allow this solution to work in almost any circumstance.

Rugged cameras for dirty, wet, and dark construction sites

eLine Technology’s RSI series of cloud cameras are rugged by design and feature a sealed housing for use in construction site environments. They’re rated I for dust and water ingress protection.

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View video from anywhere – not just the office


Video can be viewed on any device that has an internet browser – computer, smart phone, or tablet – whether you are at the construction office, at a project team meeting, or at home, you can check in with the construction site. With multiple video streams, each camera’s video can be viewed by up to 7 people at the same time. Project teams and clients that can’t meet together in the same room can phone conference while viewing the project together.

Security features every construction site needs

Combating construction site theft and filing insurance claims requires evidence that security cameras can provide.You’ll be able to quickly determine if law enforcement needs to be called, and you can save video clips to the cloud device or capture still images.

RSI series cameras also have resolution options that include HD resolution of 720 x 480 video resolutions and options up to 5 mega pixels in still time lapse images.




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Dave Banks
March 31, 2016


Im interested in Construction site surveillance camera systems. Can you have someone contact me in regards

    March 31, 2016

    Thank you for you comment I will have someone send you some info in this!

June 15, 2016

We are looking for wireless cctv camera solution for construction site in UAE. if you have any local dealer kindly forward the contact details or pls ask them to call me on 00971506761554
Thanks and regards
Trans Emirates
Abu Dhabi

Pat loop
November 14, 2016

Looking for a car lot security camera and light combo that I will notify me thru my smart phone when. Motion is decty

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