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Wholesale Surveillance Systems

If you are searching for wholesale surveillance systems or other security equipment, eLine Technology is here to meet your needs. As one of the security industry’s leading professional security and technology companies, eLine Technology manufactures, engineers, and distributes a huge variety of wholesale surveillance systems and associated security equipment. By only working specifically with approved resellers using our wholesale methods, eLine Technology avoids any direct competition with our customers. Existing as a wholesale and security equipment supplier for almost ten years, we have contributed to the advancement of the security industry through a number of areas including high-quality CCTV technology, video management software and analytics, and 4G solar surveillance cameras. No matter what your security equipment needs may be, you have to look no further than eLine Technology.

As a wholesale surveillance systems supplier and distributor, eLine Technology continues to grow and be one step ahead of our competitors. With over 22,000 projects completed and more coming in each day, this has been no easy task or mistake. Our team of security equipment professionals believes in our mission to offer wholesale surveillance systems at the fairest, affordable prices to any customer in need. Our goal is to be the national, wholesale cure-all for surveillance system distributors.


By being a part of all facets involved in the manufacturing and selling of wholesale surveillance systems, our company has achieved a respectable 20% annual growth, along with a growing customer base due to the high number of demands. These demands continue to grow every day as people become more familiar with the wide-ranging uses of our professional surveillance equipment. Utilizing our CCTV products are a multitude of businesses, corporations, and private individuals alike. And the idea all comes from the same thought process: feeling safe and secure is a welcome comfort. Some examples of the various applications we employ our products to use at include:

  • Convenience Store Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Grocery Store Security
  • Residential Security
  • Retail Store Loss Prevention and Security
  • Parking Lot Security
  • Public and Private School Security

These are only a few of the places applying their methods of security using our wholesale surveillance systems. There are much more personal and corporate uses that can benefit from our CCTV equipment and other products.


eLine Technology’s products are broken down into four main categories. Each of these categories complements the other, working hand-in-hand for a well-rounded plan to ensure you and your property’s protection. Security cameras, our first category, includes a monstrous selection of different types of surveillance systems, all offered to you at our wholesale price. The specific types of security equipment that can be found in our huge catalog can be utilized for whatever your personal security system demands, whether that be HD Over Coax cameras, IP Network Security cameras, 4G Solar Surveillance, or simply mounting hardware such as mounts, brackets, and junction boxes. We understand that each customer has personalized needs for their professional security concerns, which is why we offer every type of surveillance camera used in today’s world. Box security cameras are the original design for surveillance systems. Their uses are vastly wide-ranging but are most often made use of in large outdoor settings because of the different types of lenses available to use with them. Bullet or cylinder cameras can typically be found in areas concerned with difficult weather due to their weather-resistant design. This type of camera is easy to install, mount, and adjust personally. As such the bullet camera design is one of our most popular selling products. Hidden cameras can be found in our archive of wholesale surveillance systems as well. If the time comes when you would prefer your security equipment be more inconspicuous than the usual security system, then these products are wonderfully useful to maintain your protection. The dome camera can be found for specific indoor use or even with vandal proof capabilities. Additionally, the pan-tilt camera can be customized for a more versatile environment. This type of security camera allows you to remotely spin and adjust their focal point so that you can zoom in more closely on whatever area you specify.

Video management and video analytics, our second and third categories, have a plethora of video management systems and video management software to add to your video security solution. Below is a list of the different platforms and software most commonly sought when combined with our wholesale surveillance systems.

  • HDTVI Quadbrid DVRs
  • Tribrid DVR Recorders
  • HDCVI DVR Recorders
  • IP NVR Recorders
  • Mach Servers Video Analytics
  • Axxon Next Analytic Software

Lastly, our final products category can be summed up with the words security technology. eLine Technology offers an extensive collection of wholesale surveillance systems and security technology for all commercial, residential, and enterprise security needs. These include HDCVI The HD OVer Coax Solution, 4G Wireless and Solar products, Cloud Video Management, Axxon Soft, EyStream Server NVRs Smart Security, and more. The use of video surveillance systems is so great that our solutions have to be easily adaptable and customized for areas large and small. Due to the nature of these customizations, our IP Network Security is flexible as it includes various body styles, features, and image resolutions that pertain to your surveillance product.

eLine Technology is the leading supplier of wholesale surveillance systems and security technology needs. Our products and services are far-reaching, ranging from a thoroughly selected catalog of security cameras to a diverse selection of all video recording devices and video management supplies. We also provide all video security technology solutions to tie your security cameras and video recording devices together on your choice of network and software. eLine Technology’s technical customer support stands by our company’s mission to deliver wholesale security systems at affordable prices to whoever desires our services to ensure their personal and property protection. Contact us to help you with any questions or concerns at the link provided so that we can help you as passionate security system professionals. And please visit our store at eLine Technology to find any products mentioned in this article or sought after to complete your surveillance system needs.

Wholesale Surveillance Systems

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