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How long do you wait for answers from a customer or technical support service? Do you ever just hang up the phone after being put on hold? Technical and customer support issues are an everyday occurrence for eLine Technology and other wholesale security products suppliers. That is why we decided to do something about it, something that would benefit everyone.

Wholesale security products suppliers are an instrumental part of the CCTV industry. Connections with partners also in the CCTV, security, and surveillance field help create a network that branches into every aspect of the industry. Manufacturing security cameras and designing video recorders (Check out video management). Developing network solutions (such as 4G remote security solutions) and distributing CCTV products. Software upgrades and system updates. All of these are a part of this network, which would not exist without a CCTV equipment supplier like ourselves.

As such, eLine Technology is always trying to come up with new and innovative ways to help those involved in the security and surveillance industry. One of the most common requests and complaints we came across happened to be related to support services. So, we decided to overhaul our entire support system and create an entirely new way to interact together. We are pleased to announce to our clients, partners, and anyone else connected by this network our latest improvement: eLine Technology Support Portal.

Technical and customer support is one of the most commonly used and sought after aspects of any technology-related field of work. Troubleshooting. How-to tutorials. Product comparisons Product reviews. Subject-related discussions. Service and user assistance. These are all related to technical and customer support. And they are all subjects addressed in our new Support Portal.

Wholesale Security Products Suppliers | Features

Add TicketWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is for any new request. Once the user submits a ticket asking for assistance, one of our customer support specialists will quickly respond. It is especially useful for a new problem that you might have tried to research but had no luck finding any resolutions.

My TicketsWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature permits users to look over all of the tickets they have added. It is useful if you have already sought out a resolution but forgotten what it was. You can see all of the tickets you have submitted, check the status on each individual ticket, and read over their solutions.

Knowledge Base

  • This feature is perfect for finding a quick solution to any technical support problem. In Knowledge Base, you can browse through the entire collection of articles we have, separated by topics and procedures. It is a great place to look for a solution to a specific problem someone else has also dealt with.

CommunityWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is a discussion forum that allows people linked to the security, surveillance, and CCTV network to speak with each other. You can ask others about their opinion of a product, how they dealt with a technical issue, or whatever else you might want to talk about. You can find discussions that are subject-related, sort by topic, product comparisons, user reviews, and more. And if you don’t find one that is related to your topic you can start your own. It’s a great way to speak with other members of the industry from across the nation in one place.

Video PortalWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature gives you a place to look through how-to tutorials, installation walkthroughs, and other related security and CCTV videos. You can browse through the whole collection of videos and find a variety of different options having to do with security cameras, surveillance equipment, software and network solutions, and more.

Support DocumentsWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is where we keep the spec sheets, manuals, and quick guides for all of the products we carry. You can find the technical aspects and specifications of whatever product you need. It is also a great way to compare to different products to formulate your own product comparison.

Field of View Calculator for Security CamerasWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is a simple tool that makes finding the correct lens much easier. It helps its users determine which lens is the proper choice before performing an installation.

Security Hard Drive CalculatorWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is a helpful tool which makes it easy to calculate what the hard drive storage requirements of your system are. Just input some basic data and the tool will give you the estimated calculation you need.

Voltage CalculatorWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature makes finding calculations for volts, watts, and amps really easy. The user just has to input two values and then press calculate. The tool will do the hard work for you, make any necessary conversions, and provide you with an accurate remaining value.

Voltage Drop CalculatorWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is a great tool that allows you to find the proper wire size in seconds. The user has to input the voltage drop and then the calculator will produce its recommendation for which wire size is the most suitable.

Wire Gauge CalculatorWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is a tool that gives you an accurate calculation regarding distance. It is helpful for those wondering how far they can go if they are using a 24-volt transformer.

Lux Light Illumination ChartWholesale Security Products Suppliers

  • This feature is an easy to read Lux rating chart. The user can reference it to find different summarizations of light levels during daylight and most typical low light level conditions.

Software Download

Wholesale Security Products Suppliers

Visit our Support Portal to check it out yourself. If you don’t find what you are looking for, Submit a Ticket or Ask the Community.

We hope that you find our latest addition helpful. If you want to know more about who we are and what we do, visit our website at eLine Technology. You can also read more about what sets us apart from other wholesale security products suppliers in our security articles and news. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

Wholesale Security Products Suppliers

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