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Wholesale CCTV Systems

Security is a big business that supersedes just putting a camera up to record your surroundings. Every location presents its own challenges and is unique to its location and the surrounding environment. This is why it is important to seek out professionals when searching for wholesale CCTV systems. eLine Technology is a team of professionals that are able to continuously provide pertinent information for any new surveillance system, regardless of what stage of the system you are in need of advice for.

eLine Technology develops and manufactures the very best in surveillance systems and security technology. We operate to become the go-to professional security distribution solution for all surveillance needs. The technology itself is only one step to acquiring wholesale CCTV systems, and eLine Technology also offers CCTV and video management packages to truly get the most out of your security system. We have been sought out for assistance for any number of different uses, and know we could help you with whatever location you need wholesale CCTV Systems for.

  • Construction Site Security
  • Border Patrol Security
  • Oil and Gas Security
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Grocery and Convenience Store Security

The previous list is examples of some of the different types of security our services at eLine Technology have been sought out for. Each of these types of security demands a unique setup to ensure you are getting the best out of your wholesale CCTV Systems and the most out of your entire surveillance system.

There is little use in having the most groundbreaking technology at your fingertips, but unable to utilize it for its maximum designed purpose. And one of the primary reasons for seeking out wholesale CCTV systems through a wholesale supplier is the greatly reduced cost difference between them and other surveillance system equipment distributors. At eLine Technology we have come to employ our services at over 45+ distribution locations and carry an extensive selection of equipment for Wholesale CCTV Systems. With over a 140+ products in our product database, our variety and expertise allow for the best solutions to secure your location. Having now completed over 22, 347 projects, eLine Technology continues to grow annually and, as such, learns more and more about how to best serve our clients.

With over 140 different security and surveillance products and accessories available in our distribution centers and found on our online database, eLine Technology prides itself on our product information for the various uses involved with each of our products.

Security Cameras

Our first primary product is also our most popular one. It would surprise a first time visitor just how many different styles and types of security cameras there are alone. But do not let that dissuade you; that is precisely why we wanted to go into business to share our knowledge of these products for your protection benefit. Some of the different styles of security cameras are as follows:

  • HD Over Coax Cameras
  • IP Network Security Cameras
  • 1-6 Mega Pixel Cameras
  • 960 H Analog Security Cameras
  • Fixed Lens Cameras
  • Vari-Focal Cameras
  • 4K Security Cameras Ultra HD
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • PTZ IP Cameras

These only categorize a fraction of the products available to you through our wholesale surveillance system distribution warehouse. It can be difficult to differentiate between each type of camera and their intended use. And, as any security system user or professional knows, the cameras are only the very start. The ability to monitor and record said data for future use to keep yourself protected by a security flaw is just as important a part of wholesale CCTV Systems. The process of video management is the next category to consider when preparing a surveillance system for full use. These video management systems come in different forms as well, though not quite as extensive of a selection as you might find in security cameras. There are different types of digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) and applicable software that must be utilized for an entire surveillance system to stay united. These video recorders are what back-up all of your CCTV security system’s data for later use, and have to be operational for your security cameras to be able to save any data.

Following the two most products sought after in a CCTV security system is the newest and latest technology that puts your equipment to the most use once properly installed. eLine Technology offers support and additional accessories, such as wall mounts or brackets, for the installation of any security camera equipment, and also offers professional advice on other modern techniques regularly pursued now to obtain the best results from your surveillance system. Aside from the available 4G and Solar options that are now found in our product warehouse, there are options for cloud video management and network solutions that allow for digital video monitoring for your CCTV systems. This is one such solution offered by our partners at Digital Security Guard and utilizes a network of security professionals to regularly monitor and provide security and reports in relation to your property. 

eLine Technology is a leader in the security industry. Knowledgeable in all facets of the surveillance and CCTV systems market, we are known as pioneers as suppliers and manufacturers of security products. Our team or security and surveillance system professionals utilize all of their combined skills to offer the best, and most up-to-date products and advice from any person or company in need of new wholesale CCTV Systems. Please Contact Us at the link provided for any additional inquiries, or just to get to know us better in general. We have been more than proud to serve all of our communities for this long, and look forward to helping yours with whatever security need you might come across. Additionally, visit our product list on our website anytime, and browse our Online Store for a more detailed view of our products.

Wholesale CCTV Systems

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