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Wholesale CCTV Equipment

Has it ever occurred to you that security is the bedrock on which society functions?  Think about it, without the guarantee of security of laws and a police force to enforce them society as a whole would implode because of the simple fact there would be anarchy. eLine Technology has been the providing the essentials of security by being the industry leader in wholesale CCTV equipment. One of the great things about getting your security needs taken care of by eLine Technology is that it is constantly creating the most innovative and the highest quality of wholesale CCTV equipment.  In addition, you will always receive a fair price for any of your CCTV equipment needs since eLine Technology is the developer and manufacturer of all our wholesale CCTV equipment.

There are a wide variety of different security threats that have to be contended with in the ever-changing world of criminals with the technologically advancing world that we live in. For example, according to The Wall Street Journal authorities have been seeing an increasing number of concerning reports of burglars using drones across the country to spy on different properties that they are planning on breaking into. Gone are the days of most burglars just being a few local delinquents, but rather an increase in houses is being targeted by tech-savvy career criminals.

eLine Technology is a trusted wholesale CCTV equipment manufacturer with over 45 distribution locations that have worked with over 2,000 different completed projects. We have a diverse inventory of over 140 different security and surveillance products. Here is a list of the different security applications of our wholesale CCTV equipment:  

  • Theft Preventions
  • Border Patrol Security
  • Oil and Gas Security
  • Grocery and Convenience Store Security
  • Remote Site Location Security

eLine Technology has a wide variety of different security cameras in our inventory of wholesale CCTV equipment. A big benefit of having security cameras and a surveillance system is that there is a physical record of any assailants that break into your commercial or private properties.  Also, just having security cameras present your will to actively deter any would be burglar about thinking twice before targeting your place of business or private residence.

Our security cameras come in all sorts of sizes; big and small to meet any of your security needs.  For instance, if you have a remote work site that you want to monitor, eLine Technology has you covered with our 4G Solar Surveillance Cameras which will provide you the ability to monitor site location via a 4G cellular network connection to the security camera.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about providing a power source to any of the 4G Solar Surveillance Cameras since they are all one hundred percent solar powered.  Here are just a few of the different security cameras available in our extensive wholesale CCTV equipment inventory:

One of the most popular security cameras in our ELI-RSI-MS: 4G Solar Surveillance Cameras series is the 4G Solar Time-lapse Construction Site Camera. This security camera is perfect if you have any sort of construction project that needs monitoring. The 4G Solar Time-lapse Construction Site Camera uses our cloud portal services which allows you to monitor your site on any device connected to the service. The resolution of the images is high quality with the camera taking high 12mp resolution pictures. Our ELI-RSI-MS has motion detection and the well known IR night vision. However, it works optimally during the daytime. One of the best uses of the camera is to document the building process or assembly of a project. It can be used to create an intriguing showcase by making a beautiful time-lapse video.  

Key Features

  • 100% Solar Powered, 100% Wireless Surveillance & Time-lapse
  • 12 Megapixel Day Images (4000 x 3000)
  • Cloud Service for Web Access from any PC or Mobile Device
  • Lens Options 90° or 45°
  • Create, Share & Embed Time-lapse Video (Text & email alerts)
  • Cellular Transmission: 2G, 3G, & 4G (GSM & CDMA)
  • Internal Battery 24/7 Operation with up to 10 Days Power Backup
  • Glass & View Wiper with Remote Activation

Besides our 4G Solar Surveillance Cameras, there are two other main types of security cameras. They are the HD Over Coax Cameras and the IP Network Security Cameras. The HD Over Coax Cameras is HD resolution video fixed for Coaxial Cable installations. Our HD technology is able to work with any installation which encompasses HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD and 960H analog.  eLine Technology’s IP Network Security Cameras allows for high definition video quality and the dependability of ONVIF Compliant security at an economical price. The wide variety of high definition resolutions that our IP Network Security Cameras provide are 1080p, 2MP, 3MP, 5MP, 6MP up to 4K Ultra HD security and surveillance.

eLine Technology works with a number of partners to fully incorporate our security services and bring you the ability to make our wholesale CCTV equipment completely operational. 

eLine Technology is a manufacturer of wholesale CCTV equipment that partners with our security companies to deliver a complete surveillance system service. For more information about us visit our website at eLine Technology. Contact Us at the provided link for additional information or to gain an estimate about how we can help you with our wholesale CCTV equipment today.

Wholesale CCTV Equipment

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