23 May

5 Things Changing the Future of Security & Surveillance

Wholesale CCTV distributors and security camera manufacturers like ourselves make surveillance equipment affordable on any size budget. By developing advanced security network solutions to be utilized with cutting-edge software, more can be accomplished than ever. And the most important part is all of these impressive new offerings are now equally attainable to small business owners and major corporations alike.

eLine Technology continues to pave the way for the future and advance the entire surveillance industry forward with a combined business strategy. New support efforts and networking make these innovative advancements a part of every facet of the industry. From wholesale suppliers to international wholesale CCTV distributors to local security camera retailers, by pulling our efforts together, everyone wins.

5 Things Changing the Future of Security & Surveillance

1. Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent technology in the security and surveillance industries was a futuristic idea not too long ago. Found mostly in sci-fi movies, the ability to track and locate faces and objects was nothing more than a hope. Finding actual products capable of these applications was next to impossible. This is no longer the case.

The intelligent video analytics found in The Mach Servers prove that the future really is now. Users are able to search through different moments in time on CCTV footage for specific colors, faces, patterns, and more. License plate recognition cameras are capable of clear images from far away. Long-distance night vision cameras see hundreds of feet in total darkness. The benefits and applications for this are vast and available to purchase today.

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2. Remote Security Camera Access & Remote Monitoring Services

The security and surveillance applications of remote access and its uses are now being fully realized. Since most people walk around with a network-connected device, remote access to stationary and fixed devices was almost inevitable. Even the spike in popularity of doorbell cameras and home residential security systems has remote accessibility to thank.

Remote monitoring services are the latest advancement being utilized by business owners around the world. The concept of proactive security and surveillance plans was always desired, but difficult to achieve. Now with private security agencies like Digital Security Guard offering cheap and efficient remote CCTV monitoring, it is finally here.

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3. Low-Power Servers & 4G Solar Surveillance Equipment

All high-tech surveillance equipment comes with one key disadvantage. Powering these products and their servers is not a simple task. In fact, many gated communities and large corporate parks alike understand the difficulty and expense of actually doing so. For example, the more security cameras you have, the more video storage you need. The more video storage you need, the more power they pull. And keeping them all connected to a network without any interference is a whole other issue.

4G solar surveillance equipment is one of the ways this problem has been addressed. By finding alternative and natural solutions to keep this equipment working as it should, the need for additional power stations, generators, or other power supply systems has been reduced or even eliminated completely.

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4. Cutting Edge Security Camera & Surveillance Equipment Features

Night vision and motion detection are not new ideas in the security and surveillance industries. In fact, they have both been around for decades, but in a fairly limited capacity. Moreover, security cameras that boasted these or other comparable features were out of reach to small business owners and everyday people. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

The latest cutting-edge security camera and surveillance equipment features are now accessible on any budget. Some examples of these features include smart motion detection, missing object, scene change, color long distance night vision technology, and tripwire, to name a few. The older features that have been around for awhile are almost unrecognizable and newer features are being added and constantly improved.

5. End-to-End Customer Service and Technical Support

eLine Technology has become the industry-leading team of wholesale CCTV distributors and manufacturers by doing more than selling great products. Our commitment to finding new and better ways to improve the end to end experience for our customers is why our clients continue to come back. This is one of the reasons we decided to do a complete overhaul to our support services.

The eLine Support Portal was recently altered to include great features and benefits for all of our customers. It has different discussion forums, data accessibility, and useful tools to make finding answers simply and easy. And the best benefit is the easy to access network of industry-related businesses in one place.

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About eLine Technology

eLine Technology is an all-in-one source of security camera manufacturers and wholesale CCTV distributors located out of Wheat Ridge, CO. We partner with other major online security camera retailers to form a network of impressive businesses capable of covering all your security and surveillance needs. Our online inventory boasts a large collection of both high-tech, advanced security cameras, network solutions, surveillance software, and wholesale surveillance equipment.
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