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Wholesale CCTV Camera Suppliers

eLine Technology is one of the security industry’s top wholesale CCTV camera suppliers. We design and manufacturer high-quality video surveillance systems, IP network security technology, and professional security system related software for applications such as analytics. We have been crafting state of the art technology as wholesale CCTV camera suppliers since 2009. Our team of skilled technology developers are committed to the continuous development of our security products and put in extensive efforts toward creating premium quality surveillance system equipment.


Our team at eLine Technology is proud of how quickly we’ve come to be regarded as go-to wholesale CCTV camera suppliers for industries all over the United States while also forging international partnerships. At eLine Technology we have chosen to work exclusively with high-grade manufacturers and security technology distributors. By choosing to focus on selling our equipment as wholesale CCTV camera suppliers we can ensure that we are never in a position of competition with the CCTV camera system distributors that we supply technology to. Some of the authorized distribution locales that you can find eLine Technology products at today include:


  • Electronic Supply Co – Huntsville, Alabama
  • City Electric Supply – Boulder, Colorado
  • Mountain West – Denver, Colorado
  • Electronic Supply Co – Pensacola, Florida
  • City Electric Supply – Hollywood, Florida
  • CCTV CORP – Miami, Florida
  • Techpro Security Products – Boca Raton, Florida


We understand the importance of having high-quality, durable, and cost effective CCTV supplies when serving the industry as a security product distributor. As professional security system technology developers, we recognize that we are responsible for helping people properly safeguard their properties when they decide to select our technology for system integration. We work meticulously in order to guarantee that the products we move into manufacturing have passed a series of qualifications and meet our standards for premium quality. Our team of wholesale CCTV camera suppliers consists of skilled technicians, sales professionals, product developers, and security technology specialists.


If you have been looking for reliable wholesale CCTV camera suppliers in order to partner with them as a security system technology distributor then click here, fill out our on page contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to work out the details or email us at sales@el-usa.com. With help from our distribution partners, we have successfully gotten eLine Technology security products into various industries for applications such as:


  • Correctional Facility Surveillance
  • Border Patrol Security
  • Parks and Recreational Security
  • Oil & Gas Well Site Security
  • Law Enforcement Surveillance
  • Construction Site Security
  • Commercial & Retail Store Security
  • Convenience & Grocery Store Security
  • Parking Lot Surveillance
  • Gas Station Surveillance


eLine technology will patiently work with you to establish what your security product needs are such as weatherproofing, vandal proof cameras, motorized technology, and more. Once your goals have been established we can move forward with confidence as your selected wholesale CCTV camera suppliers. No matter how much video surveillance equipment your company may require our team of wholesale CCTV camera suppliers can expertly meet your demands. We design multi-functional video monitoring technology that can be used for inventory management, recognition of license plates, parking lot security, and management of people and traffic. Our team of security video surveillance specialists is knowledgeable and happy to help determine what you equipment needs really are. Our line of products was crafted to be highly versatile, accommodating, and amenable in order to meet multiple needs for various applications.  


The security surveillance products that we’ve developed can proficiently meet the needs of video monitoring for correctional facilities. Our security camera surveillance technology provides a video documented record of inmate and officer activity. This facilitates the prevention of unwanted activity such as violent situations and helps de-escalate problems as they are more likely to be noticed sooner. Correctional facilities have the responsibility of sustaining officer and inmate safety. Another big advantage of a high-quality video surveillance system is that it means safer transport for the locale. Having security cameras integrated throughout the facility’s hallways as well as in cell block areas helps present a greater level of security during times where inmates are being escorted from one location to another.


eLine Technology has the proper products needed to meet the various challenges faced when integrating a security video surveillance system onto a large and open public location. CCTV technology is exceedingly needed for parks and recreation areas because the employees of these locations need to have the ability to conveniently watch over large areas at once. Surveillance cameras that have remote video monitoring capabilities (meaning the footage can be viewed online) provide the best solution to watching over a large area at once. However, when trying to equip these locales with video surveillance technology one has to take into consideration that more often than not these locales will not be in close proximity to online connectivity availability or even a power source. Our team of wholesale CCTV camera suppliers presents our wireless cloud cameras as a powerful and convenient solution to remedy this problem. eLine Technology’s wireless cloud cameras have built in wifi capabilities, 4G cellular modems, and can even be customized to having tailored configurations of wireless antennas.


We have a dedicated team of security technology developers and wholesale CCTV camera suppliers. If you have been looking for the best video monitoring technology available directly from its source we offer you our expertise and premium quality security products. If you would like to learn more about our video surveillance systems and security products browse through some of our technical support documents, support knowledge base, and video portal sections or give us a call at 800-683-6835 to speak to a representative. You can also contact us to learn more about our service provision as wholesale CCTV camera suppliers.

Wholesale CCTV Camera Suppliers

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