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Video Management options from eLine Wholesale Camera Distributors

eLine wholesale camera distributors has established itself as an industry leader in surveillance technology manufacturing and distribution. Our vast selection of products covers all areas of security equipment including IP cameras, HD over coax cameras, and a variety of video recorders. Today we will take a look at the types of video management systems offered by Eline and break down their differences. The video management systems we offer can be broken down into 5 categories: Tribrid DVR Recorders, HDCVI DVR Recorders, HDTVI Quadbrid DVR Recorders, IP NVR Recorders, and Video Analytics. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at some basic CCTV vocabulary that will help when deciding between different video management options. 


Coax: When you see the word coax used in CCTV applications, it is referring to coaxial cable. Coaxial cable is a copper wire-based cable which is then insulated and surrounded by a conduction blocking jacket layer. Certain CCTV systems will require coax wiring.

Siamese Cable: Siamese cable is a type of coaxial cable that supplies power as well as network connection in the same run. 

Ethernet: Ethernet cable is used to provide power and reliable network connection to NVR systems.  



Analog: Analog cameras record surveillance images and transmit them to a DVR over coaxial cable. Analog cameras are much cheaper on average than digital cameras and take up less network space. 

IP: IP stands internet protocol. IP cameras record surveillance video digitally with network or internet connection.  IP cameras have their own IP address and process their own images before they are stored on an NVR.

HDTVI: HDTVI (High Defenition Transport Video Interface) cameras are a type of analog camera capable of recording 780p or 1080p images. They can be wired using RG59 siamese coaxial cable.  

HDCVI: HDCVI (High Defenition Composite Video Interface) cameras are another option for high definition analog imaging.  Some HDCVI systems can support up to 1080p or 4k quality footage.

HD-SDI: An older system meant to provide higher quality imaging than traditional analog. Due to its limited transmission capabilities, HD-SDI has been largely phased out in favor of HDTVI or HDCVI.



DVR: Digital video recorders process and store CCTV footage from cameras which is received via a coaxial connection. 

NVR: Network video recorders store CCTV footage which has been captured and processed by a connected IP camera. You may see these systems referred to as PoE systems as they can sometimes be Powered over Ethernet cable. 


Tribrid DVR Recorders

Available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel options from eLine


Tribrid DVRs allow users to record footage from analog, HD TVI, and IP cameras. Many Tribrids are capable of supporting multiple camera types at once. This makes it perfect for the person who is looking to expand their existing security system without wanting to completely overhaul. 


HDCVI DVR Recorders

Available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel options from eLine


HDCVI is a technology developed by the CCTV manufacturing company Dahua. HDCVI DVRs are connected to HDCVI cameras using coaxial cable.  HDCVI systems- and HDTVI for that matter- are considered a cheaper and less complex alternative to IP Network systems. All deliver superior quality imaging compared to traditional analog cameras. However, IP equipment is much harder to incorporate into an existing analog system as it requires new ethernet wiring. IP systems also require complicated network setup whereas. HDCVI also has far better transmission capabilities than its predecessor HD-SDI. HDCVI systems can transmit 780p and 1080p images over sixteen hundred feet. 


HDTVI Quadbrid DVR Recorders

Available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel options from eLine


HDTVI is a technology developed by TechPoint. It also is an upgrade from traditional analogs providing HD video while still using coaxial cable. eLine’s TVI recorders are classified as “quadbrids’ because they have 4 technology capabilities and allow you to integrate TVI and IP options into an existing CVI or analog system. This is very similar to HDCVI systems, and both technologies can often be integrated into the same security system. 


IP NVR Recorders

Available in 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 channel options. PoE Recorders available in 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel options from eLine.


IP NVRs are used for fully IP systems, meaning there is no coaxial connections and no analog, HDTVI, or HDCVI cameras. Your IP cameras will process all footage and transport it over an ethernet connection to the NVR for storage and remote viewing management. While IP NVR systems are not considered “plug-and-play”, late developments in the industry have streamlined the setup process considerably by introducing P2P and QR code scan setups. 


eLine offers a selection of PoE, or Power over Ethernet, NVRs. This means that a PoE switch is built-in and one cable run can both power and connect your systems IP cameras and NVR to network. 


Video Analytics

You’ve got the perfect cameras and recorder to match. To really optimize your system, consider adding a video analytics server. Analytics help your system with smart detection and create a centralized management system for all of your footage. An advanced analytics server can help monitor and flag predetermined activity in your camera’s sight. There are even options to set off alerts or alarms in the event of a crime, fire, or tampering with cameras.  While some cameras and recorders have built-in analytics, the technology is sparse. By adding a dedicated analytics server, you will have a much more robust software and higher capabilities for managing channels. eLine wholesale camera distributors has advanced analytic software and hardware available for new systems or to upgrade your existing IP security solution. 


eLine knows the important role a security system plays in the safety of your property, employees, or family. We offer lifetime tech support on our products and invite you to call our helpline with any questions about your eLine CCTV system. We also have a dedicated sales and design team that can take the guesswork out of choosing the best equipment for your unique needs. You can give them a call at 800.683.6835 or send your queries to sales@el-usa.com

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Wholesale Camera Distributors

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