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Video Analytics

Available on eLine Technology’s Mach Servers, providing one of the industries most advanced surveillance video analytic solutions available. Comprehensive search, facial recognition, license plates, objects colors and more. The Mach Servers provide video security professionals with a salable smart security video analytic solution, perfect for multiple system environments or chains with multiple locations. The Mach Servers are an all-in-One Solution Optimized to meet the analytic power of Axxon Next™ VMS Software.


Smart Security, Performance & Support

eLine Technology stands behind our products. Working together with partners and technology to make security better

Analytic VMS that performs

We are providing a analytic security VMS that performs and one that we believe in.

Future Proof

Mach servers have the ability to scale up for future growth. Making it ideal for multi-server setups and/or multiple locations

Customized systems

Customized systems that fit your security projects and saves you time


Receive Quality eLine Tech support for every Mach setup. Plus ++ Tech support for the life-time of the sever.


Download our complete Overview of our Mach Video Analytic Surveillance Solutions. Along with Specifications of each server model that is available and learn how Mach Servers were build to house our Powerful Analytic Solution.


Mach NVR Servers by eLine Technology are powered by Axxon Next. These Smart Security servers are powerful and intelligent video security solution. This video management Software (VMS) can scale infinitely for any size project.


State of the art intelligent VMS that we believe in. Quest any moment including license plate and face searches, quickly jump to video of interest by specifying visual criteria. All these features packaged and supported with eLine.

Mach Smart Security Video Analytic Servers

Ready to Order Models & Totally Custom Built Options

Mach Server Setup: Important Notice, we recommend that all Mach Server setups be Scheduled with our Technical Support Team prior to the installation date. Our Tech support team works off of a first come first serve basis. By Scheduling your Server Setup this will guarantee that the a support agent will be available for your project.

Note: Axxon Licences purchased without and eLine Mach server may be subject to additional Tech Support Charges

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