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1. Initial Voltage

2. AC / DC

3. Current from your Camera (Amps)

4. Cable Length in Feet

5. Cable Gauge/Diameter (AWG)



Note: Industry standard is a voltage drop of no greater than 10%.

Voltage Drop Calculator

Voltage drop defined: The process of an energy voltage source being reduced as electric current moves through a circuit. This voltage drop calculator is a great tool to help determine proper wire size based on voltage drop.

  • Enter the voltage. CCTV systems usually operate on 12v or 24v
  • Select AC or DC: Typical systems run 12 VDC /24Vac
  • Enter the current from your camera. 1000 mA = 1 amp
  • Enter the cable distance in feet
  • Enter cable diameter usually 18 awg for CCTV systems

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