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Hard Drive Record Time Calculator

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Security DVR and NVR Hard Drive Calculator

This calculator tool can be used to calculate the hard drive storage requirements of your system. Enter in the total days of stored footage, the number of security cameras, the recording resolution, frame rate and recording mode.

 Keep in mind that you can substantially cut down on your hard drive requirements by enabling motion recording.

Note: 1000 Gigabytes equals 1 Terabyte

1000 GB = 1TB
2000 GB = 2TB
3000 GB = 3TB
4000 GB = 4TB
5000 GB = 5TB
6000 GB = 6TB

Motion Detection Recording Mode will save you Hard Drive Space

Setup cameras to recording on sensors and triggers such as motion detection, this will save hard drive space and you will still be able to record activity when it occurs in the area.

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