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Lux Ratings for Light Conditions

Light Condition Lux FTCD
Sunlight 107,639 10,000
Full Day Light 10,764 1,000
Overcast Day 1,076 100
Very Dark Day 107.64 10
Twilight 10.76 1
Deep Twilight 1.08 0.1
Full Moon 0.108 0.01
Quarter Moon 0.0108 0.001
Starlight 0.0011 0.0001
Overcast Night 0.0001 0.00001

LUX Light Ratings & How to help pick out the Best Cameras for your security application

Lux ratings are a measure of the total amount of visible light that the camera is able to see while still providing a clear picture.  The Lux rating chart summarizes the light levels occurring under daylight and typical low light level conditions.

The lower the cameras Lux the lower amount of light that is needed to obtain a good picture.

If an application includes an area with little to no light it is recommend to choose a camera with IR LED night vision. Cameras with IR are able to take video in little to no light situations.

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