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Wireless security camera systems or wireless video surveillance, allows you to install a camera where trenching or cabling for internet may be impractical or expensive. Based upon location, systems can be configured for different distances. Wireless systems are convenient for any application but can be especially helpful for the special needs of oil & gas well siteslaw enforcement, border control, parks & recreation, gas pump convenience stores,construction sites, parking lots, remote gatesranches, etc.

4G Wireless Security Camera Systems

4G wireless surveillance cameras work with a cellular data plan to transmit video and audio to the internet. When combined with a RSI Series cloud camera or RSI Remote security camera, data usage is minimized because video is uploaded on demand as opposed to constant streaming. 4G video streaming requires a strong signal. At times of cell tower congestion, a weaker signal could mean a temporary reduction in the number of users that can simultaneously access the camera, and can affect the speed of video transmission.

Security is provided by the cellular data plan provider. Most major cellular companies use mutual authentication, 128 bit encryption and air link ciphering to protect your data transmissions.

eLine Technology’s cloud cameras require a service fee for cloud storage, 4G cameras also require the use of a data plan. There are 5 types of plans when using the RSI series cameras, the Wifi option only require a fee for cloud service and storage. The cellular plans include 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or 5GB of data plus the cloud service and storage. The RSI Series Camera is a flat fee for unlimited data service.

The built-in DVR provides edge-recording of video and high resolution stills that is uploaded on demand conserving network bandwidth.
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100% Solar Powered 100% Wireless Site Surveillance

eLine Technology’s 4G wireless cameras are complete self-installable wireless/solar camera systems for real-time site monitoring, time-lapse, and security. The camera kits include the internal built-in battery system for operation when there is no sun, a connector for the included solar panel. The system ships in a “dormant” state to preserve battery levels. Once power is applied from either solar or wall charger, the system will wake up and attempt to connect via cellular. Once connected, installation is as simple as strapping to a pole (all hardware is included). No electrical or internet connections are required.


WiFi Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wifi wireless systems transmit secure, encryted digital video and audio to an internet router or network using high frequency signals. When combined with a Cloud camera, bandwidth usage is minimized because video is uploaded on demand as opposed to constant streaming.

Utilizing a combination of antennas, you can configure a WiFi wireless systems for ranges up to 15 miles.

200 Foot Range (camera with built-in WiFi + wireless router)

5 Mile Range (camera + 2 WiFi antennas + wireless router)

15 Mile Range (camera + 4 WiFi antennas + wireless router)

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