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Security Camera Systems

eLine Technology offers end to end security camera Systems and video surveillance that is adaptable and can be customized for any security project large and small.  For Security System FAQs you can also view our Technology Overview page..

Analog Technology

Analog video security systems are reliable, cost effective, and user-friendly. Companies who need basic surveillance, with good quality video, at a limited number of locations will find Analog CCTV to be a good choice.

Typically, Analog systems are limited to VGA resolution cameras, but when integrated into a hybrid Analog-SDI system you have an option to place an HD-SDI camera where high resolution is needed.

Hybrid Analog-IP systems are also available and are often the easiest way to transition to IP with an existing Analog system.

A Typical Analog Surveillance Camera System


IP Technology

IP/Network surveillance systems offer advanced features over analog systems such as HD video, reliable and secure wireless systems, and advanced management software.

Typically, a centralized Network Video Recorder (NVR) stores the video, but Edge Storage is also an option. Edge storage refers to an SD card inside a camera or other storage drive on the “edge” of the network.

IP systems support high resolution MegaPixel cameras needed for license plate recognition, defined faces, and other important detail. Companies who have many locations, need high resolution video, want advanced video technologies such as analytics, or have the need for remote surveillance, will find IP/Network camera systems to be a good choice.

  • Advanced features
  • Uses ethernet Cat5/Cat6 cable
  • Uses networked PCs with a Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Hybrid available with Analog


A Typical IP Surveillance Camera System


HDCVI HD over coxial cable

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) Technology

HDCVI is HD video transmission using coaxial cable. This Technology allows for long distance HD transmission up to 1600ft. HDCVI technology is a cost effective solution that allows for a more complex installation, based on existing RG-59 coaxial cable, HDCVI Technology can transmit HD over analog in 1080p up to 300m and 720p up to 500m.

Why choose HDCVI?

  • Easy upgrade to HD1080p & 720p
  • Progressive video
  • Long Distance Transmission: HDCVI=500m v.s. HDSDI=100m
  • Compatible with standard video balms

Learn more about HDCVI.

Cloud IP Technology

eLine Technology RSI Camera systems are based on cloud communication between Camera, local video storage and an internet server. The local storage is inside the camera itself acts as a DVR this is called Edge Storage because it is on the “edge” of the network. The Camera is Connected to either a Wifi or 4G network and all storage and viewing options are though the cloud based server. Meaning that users can access video from any device with an internet browser.

A Typical Cloud Surveillance Camera System


More info about Cloud Video Management


View Cloud Cameras

  • Simple to install
  • Cameras store video internally (No DVR is needed)

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