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eLine Technology’s IP cameras and NVRs provides superior quality and reliability. eLine Technology’s wide selection of body styles, features, and image resolutions provide the flexibility to customize  and optimize your surveillance system to fit your company’s specific goals. A 2MP IP cameras field of view is about four times greater than a traditional analog system. The our IP Network Systems were built with performance dual streaming, and high profile H.264, models range from 720p to 5 mega pixel resolutions. With true ICR day/night operation.

Onvif is the industry standard for compatibility between brands of IP devices. Mix and match Onvif cameras, NVRs, and software to ensure smooth operation without conflicts.

eLine Technology products support the ONVIF standard. While not all camera manufacturers have decided to adopt ONVIF yet, we feel it is more practical to have adaptable security products that have the ability to integrate with other equipment.

  • Ability for the NVR to record on motion based events. ONVIF  gives you that ability through standard integration without NVR direct camera programming.
  • Supports PTZ controls and deeper recorded file handling. (Look for our IP Megapixel PTZ camera release in the near future.)

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H.264 Hi-Profile 4:2:2

H264ProfilesImage quality is about more than pixels and lines. Using the TI DaVinci processor, eLine IP cameras provide the best encoding which reaches H.264 Hi-Profile 4:2:2.

What this means for you and your network

To reduce network activity and prevent network bottlenecks, you want to compress your video signals to smaller file sizes. Video compression is usually about compromise. To get the smallest file size, many compression schemes will reduce the quality of the image. H.264 Hi-Profile 4:2:2 creates smaller file sizes but doesnot sacrific image quality. It provides noticeably better quality images than a Baseline profile found on lower end cameras.

Read more about Hi-Profile 4:2:2

Edge Storage

SD_cardSome of eLine’s  IP network Security cameras come with the option to have an internal Micro SD memory card. These cameras come with on board slots that support memory cards up to 64GB for optional edge storage.

Edge storage is the concept of storing recorded video at the edge of the network, such as inside the camera, instead of transmitting the video across the network to centralized storage such as a NVR (Network Video Recorder). This has several advantages.

  • Increased system reliability and redundancy – camera records despite network disruptions and can record in paralell to central storage for a redundant backup system
  • Reduction of network activity while providing high quality images – video can be retrieved from the camera on demand rather than having a constant stream to central storage
  • Recording in environments without network accessibility – camera records in remote or mobile locations where there is no network connection and video can be retrieved later when connected.
  • High quality software integration on low bandwidth systems – Where video cannot be streamed in the highest quality, software can retrieve the full resolution images stored inside the camera.

More information about the benefits of edge storage

Easy Install

Time-saving tools make installation of eLine SIP cameras a breeze. Search tool finds cameras and IP addresses. Time Sync tool makes all IP devices match one PC system time. Upgrading tool enables mass upgrading.

View list of free tools and support


Network Video Monitoring  Software (NVMS)

The NVMS is a free software that is provided with all our embedded IP products.

The software runs on a typical PC, the NVR and typically also comes with a phone app for remote viewing opportunities. Storage is based on local HDD recordings. You can split recording over multi drives to keep frame rates higher. NAS storage offers more flexible storage.

NVMS Supports monitors as set by windows setup. Drag drop layouts supported in software.

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