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HDCVI the HD over Coax Solution

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) Technology

HDCVI is HD video transmission using coaxial cable. This Technology allows for long distance HD transmission up to 1600ft. HDCVI technology is a cost effective solution that allows for a more complex installation, based on existing RG-59 coaxial cable, HDCVI Technology can transmit HD over analog in 1080p up to 300m and 720p up to 500m.

Analog systems based on coaxial cabling still dominate today’s video surveillance market, however the demand for high definition is increasing. The need to change out the cabling for an HD system can result in higher operational costs for our clientele. HDCVI technology is here to bridge the gap and give a high definition solution to those with an analog system already in place. No new cabling is required when upgrading existing analog systems to high definition when you are using HDCVI Technology.

Why choose HDCVI?

  • Easy upgrade to HD1080p & 720p
  • Progressive video
  • Long Distance Transmission: HDCVI=500m v.s. HDSDI=100m
  • Compatible with standard video balms
The Importance of Cable Type:
Transmitting data 500m over a coaxial cable can be realized, depending on the cable selected. Cable 75ohm-3mm (diameter) and 75ohm-5mm are recommended for transmissions within 300m, cable 75ohm-5mm and above for over 500m. Connectors and welding process also affect the transmission distance. RG59 coaxal cable= 75ohm-6mm 
  • 3 Signals Over 1 Coaxial Cable: Video: Audio: Control data processing
Supports for:
720p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 15fps
Audio I2S input: 16bit@8Khz, 16KHz
Coaxial two-way control



How Does HDCVI Fit into the market?


HDCVI Compared to Other Technology

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    Analog Pros

    P2P transmission over coaxial cable
    No delay, suitable for long-distance transmission
    Low-cost, easy operation
    Mature system in place in multiple locations

    Analog Cons

    Single transmission signal: video signal
    Low image resolution: D1, 960H

    HD-SDI Pros

    Effective resolution: 720p, 1080p
    P2P transmission over coaxial cable
    Clear image without delay and loss


    75-5 coaxial cable transmission less than 100m
    High system cost
    Subjected to be interfered by MP or other wired devices
    Subjected to be interfered by MP or other wired devices

    HDCVI Day View


    HDCVI Night View


    HDSDI Day View


    HDSDI Night View


    IP Camera Pros

    Multiple format resolutions supported

    Adopt H.264 coding and network technology

    IT system flexible networking

    HDCVI Day View


    HDCVI Night View


    IP Camera Cons

    Network Lag

    Higher costs when upgrading to new technology


    IP Day View


    IP Night View



    1. The same system application solution as analog monitoring
    2. 720P, 1080P supported
    3. Video without loss or delay
    4. Coaxial cable transmission up to 500m via 75-3 cable type
    5. UTP transmission technology, over 5 kinds of cables for 300m
    6. Composite video transmission tech. video, audio, data transmitted in one cable

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