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eLine Technology’s eyStream VMS Software and Server NVRs for Smart Security Systems are an advanced intelligent Security Solution that is powerful,  flexible, and comes with intelligent, reliable, smart security software that takes full advantage of your video surveillance system’s capabilities.

The eyStream Server systems come powered by Axxon Next Software a VMS software that can be scaled infinitely.  There are no restrictions on the number of security cameras, video servers, or workstations. Making the eyStream NVR Security Server an ideal option for any project.

eyStream also plays well with other devices and systems.  The Axxon Next Software supports over 1,000 models of IP cameras, and also have the ability to give the user remote access from mobile devices and a web interfaces.

At eLine Technology it is our goal to provide you with Smart Security Solutions for projects of all sizes — weather you are a large-scale distribution facility, a warehouse, a multi-location retail business or a small business  — your project needs can be efficiently met.

Flat pricing makes it easy to budget and saves. Plus you get free upgrades and zero maintenance fees.

eyStream VMS Software by Axxon Next Features

Flexible Layouts

Create a layout of absolutely any format. Start with one of the standard layouts. Add rows and columns. Then resize the windows by clicking and dragging.

Multi-streaming and Re-compression

eyStream selects the appropriate resolution from a multi-streaming camera or creates a new video stream from a single-streaming camera that is matched to the user’s display. This makes for an efficient use of bandwidth and reduces unnecessary data usage.

Interactive 3D Map

Upload your own map or integrate with Google Maps. Manage your devices by clicking on the map icons.

Video Analytics

eyStream’s interactive configuration mode for detection tools shows you setup results immediately so you can see at a glance whether the tool is setup correctly. Situation analysis includes line crossing, zone entry, loitering, stopping in the zone, motion in the zone, zone exit, and abandoned objects. Video detectors include motion, loss of quality, and position change. Audio detectors include noise, and silence.

Forensic Search Engine

Imagine a “Google” for surveillance video… a search engine that constantly indexes information in your video archive and generates an index with metadata for quick search. That’s what eyStream’s Forensic Search module does, in a graphical, easy-to-use interface.

Time Compressor

Objects and events captured at different times are displayed simultaneously in a condensed video synopsis. When you spot an object of interest, click to jump to playback of the corresponding video fragment.

Solid Store

Fragmentation is no longer an issue making read and write times fast. Damage to any data block on the disk causes only that particular block to be inaccessible, not the entire video archive.

Micro-Module Architecture

If an error occurs in a certain micro-module, only that one is relaunched, without affecting the function of the system overall. This micro-module architecture allows for a VMS that is more stable than anything else on the market.

EyStream Server Setup: Important Notice, we recommend that all eyStream Server setups be Scheduled with our Technical Support Team prior to the install date. Our Tech support team works off of a first come first serve basis. By Scheduling your eyStream Server Setup this will guarantee that the a support agent will be available for your project.

Note: Axxon Licences purchased without and eLine eystream server may be subject to additional Tech Support Charges

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