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Toss the DVR and go to the cloud with The RSI Series.

How Cloud Surveillance Technology Works

Video is recorded locally inside the security camera on a micro SD card, this is called Edge Storage. You communicate directly with the security camera over the internet. No DVR is needed. What ever video you backup is stored on the cloud and you will have access from any device with internet. PC, MAC, or any smart phone or tablet with an internet connection and browser.

Surveillance video is streamed on demand through a Cloud Portal on the internet. This Cloud Portal provides access to the RSI all in one Solar IP cameras that have edge storage.  Additional fees apply when using cloud storage. eLine Technology’s cloud system is network-friendly because video is only uploaded on demand, this conserves network bandwidth and especially useful when you are using a cellular data plan with your camera.

Live and recorded video is viewed using using a browser on a computer (IE, Firefox, Chrome), or a browser on a smart phone or tablet – no software installation is needed. l

  • IT friendly – no software to install for basic system, no DVR or server to maintain
  • Higher resolution video without bandwidth issues because video is streamed on demand

Cloud Video Management is a natural progression for CCTV. Advancements in technology have made smaller and faster processors, pair this with edge storage devices and you have created a system that is powerful and easy to manage. Build the system to fit your needs. View and manage video through the web. These are the advantages that Cloud Surveillance offers our customers.

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