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It’s a revolutionary new way of managing your surveillance video. There are no DVRs… just a cloud camera with a 4G cellular modem.

Offering Site surveillance made simple, eLine Technology offers remote, wireless 4g, and solar powered security solutions. With our unique systems we are able to offer security camera systems that are powered by the sun and transmit wirelessly over cellular networks. If you are looking for construction site surveillance, or remote surveillance for oil and gas, farms, ranches, or remote cabins. We may have the solution for you.

Freedom from cabling

All wireless systems claim to be cable-free, but our 4G cameras truly are. The 4G modem connects to the internet just like a cell phone.
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Freedom from networking hassles

Don’t want to deal with networking? No problem. You don’t need to interfere with your company’s IT network. Just plug-and-play. The 4G modem comes pre-configured to connect. It works anywhere within an 4G cellular network.

Freedom from DVR hardware

Since our cloud cameras store video internally (Edge Storage) and backup using the cloud service, you have complete flexibility. Have as many cameras per system as you want. In as many locations as you want. All cameras can be managed through the same cloud portal.
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    The advent of 4G cellular service brings bandwidth and affordability to new consumers. This technology marries well with our Cloud Video Management technology to allow deployment in locations that previously were too difficult or too expensive. With built in 4G modems, the cloud systems offer an all-in-one and out-of-the-box solution for customers who previously had very few options.

    eLine Technology

    The RSI Series 4G Motion Activated Security Camera with IR

    The RSI series is a Solar 4G Wirelesss Remote Site Surveillance Camera with Motion Detection and Night vision.

    100% wireless system suitable for any location, no matter how remote. Kits come with solar powered panel, an internal battery for up to 7 days of power back up and weatherproof aluminum housing with concealed tamper proof power switch.

    Remote Security Series solar-powered cellular security camera systems have Infrared Imaging.
    Invisible infrared light captures images otherwise hidden to the human eye. For incredible night-time site surveillance and night time image capture.

    The RSI series is Motion-activated utilizing Industry-leading sensors and thermal detection. Capture video triggered by motion for improved remote site security.

    The RSI Series requires little set up with an easy to use one option data plan. The RSI data plan is a flat fee with unlimited data access and storage. The cameras are contract free so you are able to start and stop service at any time. No need to worry about which carrier just simply install and setup. The RSI Cameras work World-Wide.

    eLine Technology’s RSI Cloud Service is your DVR, view, schedule, and retrieve images from any PC or mobile device. Create, share & embed time-lapse video. Request a live view, manage users and email/ text alerts. and enjoy multiple marketing features to help showcase your site to prospects, customers or share holders.

    Discover the freedom of wire-free security cameras.
    THREE 4G Security Camera Model Options.

    RSI Series Comparison Chart

    Solar Powered      
    Still Images      
    (10 seconds or more)
    Cellular Capability      
    Motion Sensors   x  
    Night Vision   x  
    Resolution 2MP / 1920 x 1080 12MP / 4000 x 3000 5MP / 2592 x 1944
    Lens Options 74°, 42°, 22° 90°, 45° 74°, 42°, 22°
    Mount Options Fixed, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Fixed, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Fixed, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)
    Time-Lapse Capability      
    Optimal Uses Remote Security High-Definition Time-Lapse Ultimate Security

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