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Security Technology
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eLine Technology offers a diverse selection of surveillance and security technology for commercial, residential and enterprise security. From our simple setup embedded security systems to advanced server systems and analytic video management software. We offer diverse security system options to adapt to any application. These technology’s help us create systems specific to our customers security needs and help insure better safer security solutions and end to end system design.

eyStream Server NVRs Smart Security Systems Powered by Axxon Next Software

Flexible, intelligent, reliable software that takes full advantage of video surveillance capabilities. No restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or surveillance cameras. Take your Surveillance to the Next level with eLine Technology Servers and Smart Security Systems.

End to End Security Camera Systems

eLine Technology offers video surveillance systems that are adaptable and with the ability to customize, for solutions large and small. Also view definitions of camera functions in our glossary.

IP Network Security

eLine Technology’s IP cameras and NVRs provides HD resolutions, quality and reliability. With a wide selection of body styles, features, and image resolutions, optimize your surveillance system with flexible technology.

4K Ultra High Definition Security

When deploying a 4K SIP2 system you have the ability to get wide-angle overviews with multiple focus points with the added ability to zoom in and focus on the fine details without losing the overall picture.

HDCVI The HD Over Coaxial Cable Solution

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI): HDCVI is HD video transmissions using coaxial cable. This Technology allows for long distance High Definition video transmission up to 1500ft using RG-59 cabling. HDCVI technology is a cost effective solution that allows for a more complex installations, based on existing RG-59 coaxial cable installs, HDCVI Technology can transmit HD over analog in 1080p. This Technology is great for those looking to upgrade from 960H to High definition while utilizing the already existing cabling infrastructure.

Wireless Video Surveillance

Wireless systems are convenient for any application but can be especially helpful for the special needs of oil & gas well sites, law enforcement, border control, parks & recreation, gas pump convenience stores,construction sites, parking lots, remote gates, ranches, etc.


4G Wireless Security Camera

It’s a revolutionary new way of managing your surveillance video. There are no DVRs… just a cloud camera with a 4G cellular modem. Site surveillance made simple, the RSI series is an all in one solar powered 4g cellular wireless web-connected surveillance camera.

Cloud Video Management

For the RSI Camera System Video is stored locally inside the security camera (This is called Edge Storage) and then backed up onto the cloud. You communicate directly with the security camera over the internet via web browser. No DVR is needed.

Glossary Of Terms

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