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Surveillance Video Analytics- Uses and Benefits

What Are Analytics

Surveillance video analytics is a category of software used to automatically monitor your surveillance video. It scans for predetermined elements, such as motion, and flags each instance of these events found. Per the user’s preferred settings, certain events can trigger alarms or notifications sent to the system administrator. Video analytics are a great way to organize and utilize your CCTV footage. 

Types of Analytics

There are 3 main types of video analytics or rather, three places where analytics software can live. Some cameras will have built-in analytics, but analog and HDCVI/HDTVI cameras most likely will not. IP cameras, on the other hand, are essentially miniaturized computers, and many support their own surveillance video analytics. Similarly, most DVRs and Hybrid DVRs will not include any built-in analytics software or it will be extremely limited. IP NVRs on the other hand, are capable of providing basic monitoring functions. However, the most comprehensive source of video analytics is separate specialized software. Dedicated surveillance analytics offer the most robust features and highest accuracy when monitoring your property. 


Benefits and Features Of Surveillance Video Analytics

So now we know what analytics are and how they can be implemented into your CCTV system. Next, let’s take a look at the features you can encounter when using this tool and the benefits it can provide to a variety of industries.  



Without analytics, your collected video is essentially one long block of footage that must be manually scanned in order to find a specific occurrence. Think of it as a movie with no scene selection. Unless you have the manpower to monitor your footage in real-time and catalog everything of note, this makes for a frustrating situation when trying to go back and sift through hours of video to find a few short moments. Analytics software is able to flag and log activity in order to create searchable events. This is an extremely useful feature for almost anyone who utilizes security equipment as scrubbing through hours of footage is simply not realistic.  


Trend Forecasting

Analytics can also help you trend forecast and make more informed decisions about your business. For example, by looking at the frequency of entrances to your property, you can easily determine the peak hours of your business. This may lead you to reduce or expand your hours to best serve your clients and increase profit margins.  You can also look at the change in these statistics over time to help you determine the effectiveness of any changes you make. Trend Forecasting can also be particularly important for law enforcement and government agencies looking to effectively police and govern their jurisdiction.   


Video Summary

Say you don’t need to search for a specific event, but want a summary of a specif time period. Analytics software can use its catalog of activity to compress a long block of footage into a manageable video summary. You are to view all important moments while cutting out any dead space to save time. This will allow you to quickly and easily identify patterns and outliers. 


Crime Detection and Intrusion Alerts

Crime detection is a big draw for those in the retail and residential spaces especially. Advanced analytics are now able to identify crimes such as theft or intrusion as they happen. Faces and license plates can also be added to a blacklist so that, if identified, an alert will be sent to the system admin and proper action can be taken. 


There may be certain areas of your property that you wish to restrict access to that cannot be physically locked or barred. You can set up a perimeter to be monitored by your analysis software. Smart systems use object identification to ignore things like fluttering branches and pets while noticing if a person comes within the defined area. You can then choose for the system to trigger either an alert sent to an administrator or an on-site alarm. Video analytics take security cameras from merely a retroactive crime viewing tool to a crime prevention system.  


Safety Alerts

While some features are used to view footage retroactively, there are some real-time functions of analytic software. Smoke, fire, and flooding alerts are the most common. In recent years, there have also been advancements made in firearm detection with the aim of preventing school and mass shootings. No matter what your business, no one is immune to emergency and video analysis is a great way to help detect threats before they cause too much damage.   


Large Event Analytics

By combining many of the features above, surveillance video analytics have become a powerful tool for large event facilities and organizers. Density and heat monitoring can pinpoint areas of overcrowding and aggression detection can help identify unruly guests. On-site security personnel can then be dispatched more effectively to where they are needed most. Analytics can also be used to plan future events more wisely. For example, your software may alert you to a higher than normal density at one of the venue’s entrances. You can use this information to station more security at this entrance next time, or plan to direct traffic to alternate entry points. 


These are just a few popular ways to use CCTV analytics. With the advanced systems offered by eLine, the options are virtually endless. Other analytic features include:

  • 3D mapping
  • Object tagging and tracking 
  • Edge storage replication
  • And much more!


eLine Technology Analytics

eLine is a leading expert in the surveillance industry. We know exactly what the customer needs and only supply the most powerful, comprehensive, and customizable analytics servers and software on the market. You can include analytics in your system from the start or integrate it into an existing CCTV network. No matter the case, the experts at eLine will be able to advise you on the most cost-effective, functional, and seamless way to achieve your goals. We offer complimentary weekday support on all your eLine purchases. You can contact us from 9 am-6 pm MST with your questions and concerns or submit a support ticket for a speedy reply. 

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