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eLine Technology’s CCTV Software

Welcome to eLine Technology’s CCTV software support center. The following page contains all software downloads available for our CCTV IP network Cameras and Security reordering devices. If you still have support and set up questions contact our support line at or 800-683-6835

Smart PSS Software Downloads

Support Knowledge Base

Don’t see what you need contact to get access to the Support Knowledge Base Account. Include the part number of the unit you are working on and a support agent will provide you with a password and detailed instructions on where to go to get what you need, to set up, update or install your System. Call 800. 683.6835 for live support.

Quantum Tools and Software

 The following contains software downloads and Support Tool specifically for our Quantum devices. If you still have support and set up questions contact your local dealer or our support line at or 800-683-6835

The Quantum IP Search Tool searches and locates Quantum Devices on the Network

RPAS file Player is Quantum’s Video Player that will play unmodified.DAT files extracted from the DVR for legal purposes

The Quantum CMS allows your to manage your Quantum Devices from your desktop, Quantum CMS is feature Rich and just as usable as the embedded System. If you do not already have Microsoft Visual C++ already installed you will need to install it to use Quantum CMS

This is a Microsoft component that allow you to use Sibell CMS to it’s fullest

The Quantum MAC CMS allows your to manage your Quantum Devices from your MAC Computer, Quantum CMS is feature Rich and just as usable as the embedded System.

This is the IP search tool for Mac devices that searches for Quantum Cameras on the network

FTP Site to Download Files

Please contact eLine Support for your username and password.

Virtual Tech

This utility allows temporary remote control access to your computer or DVR by e-Line staff. The connection is only active when initiated by you and is secure

Download TeamViewer

Network Pre-configuration Worksheet

This form allows eLine Technicians to pre-configure your devices to work on your network with a minimum of setup on your part.

Network Preconfiguration Worksheet

figure-2-motion setup eline

Video Portal

Tech Support How to Videos, tutorials, promotion and more

Tech Support Knowlege Base

Support Articles How To Guides and Product walk Throughs
Tech support Knowlege Base 


Internet IP Address and Port Checker

  • One
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Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions.


Port Forward

Assist in setting up port forwarding on your router or firewall.

eLine Technology Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

eLine Product iPhone
Phone Tablet
Quantum Series SuperLive Plus SuperLive Plus
Smart PSS Software  iDMSS gDMSS
eyStream VMS & AxxonNext eLine eyStream VMSAxxonNext (Recommened) eLine eyStream VMSAxxonNext (Recommended)
Sniper Cloud Cameras “ELI-SNI” iViewer by Vigo
iViewer Pro (for NVR-10)
Viewer by Vigo
gViewer (For NVR-10)
SIP Cameras eLine SIPview
InView (Recommened)
eLine SIPview
InView (Recommened)
NVR InView (Recommened)
NVR InView (Recommened)
PRO3 DVR (Analog) HBRealView
ECO3 DVR (Analog) HBRealView
IHMS 1.0.1
ECO2 DVR MEye 5.0.2 MEye 2.5.8
ECO1.2 DVR FingerCMS 1.09.02 FingerCMS 1.10.03
LRT DVR mViewer Pro 3.2.3 mViewer Pro 1.5
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mViewer 3.2  ETV DVR 3xLogic Viewer Lite  Net Eye 4.9.5
3xLogic Viewer LiteHDSDI DVRTMEye 1.0.1TMEye 2.5.8

*Must be sideloaded

Instructions for sideloading an apk file on an Android device:

  1. On your **COMPUTER**, click on the above link to download an apk file.
  2. In your **COMPUTER’s** browser, go to
  3. Upload the apk file
  4. Within 15 minutes, use a bar code reader app on your **ANDROID DEVICE** to scan the code (we recommend Google Goggles or ZXing)
  5. Follow your device’s instructions to finish installation.
Strategically Evolving

We are working hard to serve you. Before submitting a support ticket please consider looking in our support documents section or through our articles. Click the link below to submit a support ticket.

CCTV Online Calculators

Field of View Calculator

Calculate Lens selection according to the size of the area.  The Field of View Calculator tool is used to help determine proper lens selection prior to installation. This Calculator will help provided a preview to area size through the lens with entered values.

Click Here

Wire Gauge Calculator

This calculator is for 24 volt equipment only. Enter the watts or voltamps of the equipment you want to power then click calculate to determine the maximum distance you can go using a 24 volt transformer.

Click Here

Voltage Calculator

CCTV Voltage Calculator to calculate Volts Watts and Amps Enter any two values to get the remaining value

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Voltage Drop Calculator

Voltage drop defined: The process of an energy voltage source being reduced as electric current moves through a circuit. This voltage drop calculator is a great tool to help determine proper wire size based on voltage drop.

Click Here

Security Hard Drive Calculator

This calculator tool can be used to calculate the hard drive storage requirements of your system. Enter in the total days of stored footage, the number of security cameras, the recording resolution, frame rate and recording mode.

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Lux Light Illumination Chart

Lux ratings are a measure of the total amount of visible light that the camera is able to see while still providing a clear picture.  The Lux rating chart summarizes the light levels occurring under daylight and typical low light level conditions.

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