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Security Equipment Distributors

Security equipment distributors have made acquiring new surveillance cameras and other related CCTV products possible for people with any budget. Their direct relationships with other manufacturers and CCTV suppliers enables them to acquire innovative, new CCTV equipment.. eLine Technology is proud to among these top security equipment distributors and strives to continue to lead the way moving forward.

In today’s society, you can find a fully operational surveillance system in almost any commercial or business property. In fact, an overwhelming number of residences have also realized that the affordability of new security cameras and CCTV equipment fits into their own budget. The most difficult process for the consumer nowadays is choosing which of the security equipment distributors suits their protection needs the most.

One of the biggest assets security equipment distributors offer the surveillance community is their network of partners also involved within the industry. By working with other companies that also look for innovative solutions to aid the forward progress of our respective field, we continue to make what was once thought impossible a reality. It also gives us the ability to point our clients in the right direction in just about every facet of our respective field of work.

As such, eLine Technology regularly provides a monthly newsletter with new featured products for our clients. This allows our clients to easily find which products have the best value. It also helps to us to promote some products that might have been overlooked or forgotten about. And, most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the newest products that we have acquired.

Continue reading to discover some of our latest additions and this month’s featured security camera. And if you are interested in our other security cameras, surveillance equipment, software and network solutions, or related CCTV products, visit our website. You can access our website by clicking the link provided here: eLine Technology.

Security Equipment Distributors | Support Portal

Working directly with other security equipment distributors and CCTV wholesale suppliers has revealed areas that can be improved on in regards to support. For this reason, we decided it was time to give our support system a complete overhaul. We have since added in new options we believe make it easier for us to provide our clients with exceptional customer and technical support.

The new Support Portal is easy to navigate and holds endless avenues that provide assistance to security equipment distributors, dealers, and integrators. We have included an entire catalog of all of our support tickets and made them easy to find in the Knowledge Base. This allows you to browse through tickets that deal with the topic you need addressed and benefit from the answers we have previously given to other customers having similar issues.

Security Equipment Distributors

We also provided a Community category that acts as a forum for security distributors, dealers, and integrators to share their own knowledge and experiences. In the Community forum, you can open up discussions with others involved in the security and surveillance industry that relate to a specific topic or subject. You can also read and join in with open discussions already taking place, making it a perfect avenue to talk about shared interests.

Our hope is that this new and improved Support Portal will ultimately improve the end user’s experience whenever they need help from customer or technical support. If you are interested in taking a look at it yourself, just follow the link provided here: Support Portal.

Security Equipment Distributors | Auto-Tracking PTZ

There are certain products that just catch your eye. That is exactly the type of product we believe our new 4K Auto-Tracking PTZ Security Camera is. It is the type of security camera that catches the attention of anyone stepping foot on your property.

And one of its best features is its ability to eliminate the need for a multi-camera system. Rather than using two or three fixed-point security cameras, this auto-tracking PTZ uses its preset patterns and tours to constantly survey its surroundings. These can also be customized, along with its auto-tracking and motion detection features.

It will immediately detect and closely monitor anything of significance that comes within its range. It has various tracking modes and can be adjusted to your preferred sensitivity level. It is advanced enough to not be set off by insignificant movements, such as limbs blowing in the wind. And it can send you an alert notification directly to your device in the event it detects significant motion.

Find it here: ELI-SIP2-APTZ8-R30X

Key Features & Specs:

Security Equipment Distributors

  • Optional motion detection feature that automatically detects and follows moving significant moving objects (people, vehicles, etc.).
  • Advanced smart auto-tracking eliminates false alarms from insignificant movement (birds, tree limbs, etc.).
  • Can eliminate the need for multi-camera systems.
  • Up to 300 available presets
  • Tilt: 20° – 90°, auto flip 180°
  • Pan Rotation: 0° – 360° endless
  • Touring: 5 Pattern, 8 Tour, Auto Pan, Auto Scan
  • Image Sensor: 1/1.7” STARVIS™ CMOS
  • Lens: 6mm -180mm (30x optical zoom)
  • Infrared: Distance up to 656 feet (200m)
  • Ingress Protection: IP67, IK10
  • Dimension: Φ240(mm) x 382 (mm)
  • Resolution: 4K / 1080p / 1.3m / 720 / D1 / CIF

Security Equipment Distributors | About eLine Technology

eLine Technology is based out of Wheat Ridge, CO. We are a wholesale CCTV distributor that designs, manufactures, and distributes security cameras and surveillance equipment worldwide. We partner with other CCTV suppliers and a variety of different companies involved in the security industry. For more information about any of the topics or products discussed in this article or if you have any additional questions, please CONTACT US.

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Security Equipment Distributors

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