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Oil & Gas Wireless Security Cameras for Well Sites

Avoid travel time or hazardous environments

Video surveillance in a remote location such as a well site for oil & gas brings a unique set of challenges. Managers and security teams want to “visit” the well site remotely over the internet. This allows them to avoid travel time or hazardous environments. However, these locations often do not have close proximity to internet service or even power.

Wireless cloud cameras are the solution for remote locations such as a well site for oil & gas. These cameras come with built-in WiFi, 4G cellular modems, or custom configurations of wireless antennas for internet access and provide a Solar Powered wireless all in one solution. Managers and security teams can visit the well site remotely and avoid travel time or hazardous enviroments.

Rugged, wireless solutions that save money

eLine technology’s RSI series of cloud cameras have models that feature rugged, sealed housing for use in outdoor environments. They’re rated weatherproof for dust and water ingress protection. Since they are self-contained, recording, and video storage devices, you save over traditional systems. There is no DVR to buy, and no cabling from the camera to a DVR. There is no network cabling to run for internet access when you choose a wireless option. And since video is stored on the cloud your video is secured.

Click Here to Learn more about the RSI series camera

View video from anywhere – not just the office


Video can be viewed on any device that has an internet browser – computer, smart phone, or tablet – so whether you are at the office, at a different well site, or at home, you can check in with the location.

Project managers or security professionals who want advanced video features can opt to install pro-user software on their computers. The software is free and can work over the internet or through a LAN.

High resolution video so you can zoom in



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June 25, 2016 Reply

I am looking for video surveillance system for overlooking workover rig operations which are in remote areas. Internet facility is available, day night vision camera with 3.0 Mega pixel minimum resolution, illumination colour 0.3 lux, B/W 0.05 or better, IR Vision 30 mts , Network Video recorder , 2STA surveillance hard disk 4TB each, 19.5" LED monitor with HDMI & VGA support, NVR to support live view, recording playback, back up and remote access.
I wish to cover area for surveillance
1. Mud Pump area
2. Tank system.
3. Derrick Floor
4. Security entrance area.
Following standard need to be adhered to :
• The field units is to be designed to IP66, NEMA-4X & UL 50E Type 4X (outdoor) specification for dusty & wet elements, ATEX (Zone2), IECEx (Zone2) certification.
• All electrical devices, equipment as per API recommended practices 500 B and 505 B.
• The power supply to all the sensors installed should be intrinsically safe.

Request kindly send me a technical specifications. suitable to meet above or a better product is also solicited from your end.
If required I can send you pictures of field location on whats app..
Prashant Singh
+91 9426614195

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