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Make The Most Of Your Investment With Security Distributors

Security distributors make the increasing amount of available security cameras and surveillance equipment more widely available and affordable to consumers. Not only do security distributors benefit the everyday people looking to invest in their own security surveillance solution, but they also help the countless wholesale security camera suppliers and security integrators that make up the thriving industry. 

Surveillance camera systems provide people with a wide range of security benefits across a diverse amount of applications. Whether it’s to help secure business offices, commercial properties, parking lots, airports, private homes, residential communities, hospitals, or something else entirely, video surveillance is a vital part of developing a proactive plan of protection.

Not only can security camera systems make the areas they are protecting safer, but they also help to deter ongoing theft and reduce crime from occurring in the first place. However, due to the wide range of applications video surveillance solutions are useful in, there are numerous security cameras and surveillance products for consumers to choose from.

In the following article, we will explore some of the many things that set apart various types of surveillance camera systems. We will also touch on some other relevant areas that make security cameras such powerful investment choices. If you’re interested in speaking with one of the top wholesale security distributors in the industry, contact eLine Technology today to learn more about what sets us apart.

What Makes Up Security Camera Systems?

Security cameras themselves are incredibly powerful but they are generally only one aspect of any modern video surveillance solution. Security cameras, for the most part, will be connected to video recorders, like digital video recorders (DVR) or network video recorders (NVR). The recording devices are responsible for storing the surveillance footage so that users can view it when they need to.

The most basic type of security camera system includes a security camera, video recorder, and some sort of monitor. Traditionally, analog CCTV systems required the cameras to be directly connected to the video recorder in order to transfer data. The video recorder would then be directly connected to the monitor for viewing. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Due to the increasing innovative nature of the security surveillance industry, now security cameras are much more efficient. For instance, IP network security camera systems are able to transfer data digitally over an internet connection. The data can then be accessed electronically via any network-connected device, such as a smartphone or computer, and viewed using an application.

Remote accessibility has become one of the most useful advancements found in modern security surveillance devices. Allowing users to remotely view their cameras and previous footage gives them the chance to check in on the property whenever they want or need to. However, remote access is far from the only modern innovation that is widely available and used by countless people.

Other security camera features also help to make surveillance camera systems more efficient and useful to users of all kinds. Some such security camera features that can be widely found incorporated into modern surveillance equipment include motion tracking, motion detection, day or night imaging, thermal imaging, missing object detection, tripwire alerts, and more. Knowing what security camera features you need and what would benefit you most is key to making the most of a video surveillance solution.

For more complex environments, such as large commercial buildings, business offices, and industrial facilities, the security camera system needs are more advanced than the basic type of system previously mentioned. Multi-camera security surveillance systems can be scaled immensely and include more and more cameras across multiple locations. For these types of advanced surveillance systems, it’s best to consult directly with experienced surveillance integrators that can help you design the best system to fit your needs using top-rated products directly from security distributors. 

The Importance Of Security Distributors

Almost all types of security camera systems will eventually require some sort of technical support and troubleshooting, especially for laymen who are not highly experienced with surveillance technologies. This is especially true given the nature of how quickly security products advance nowadays. For this reason, most reputable security distributors will offer a high level of technical support.

eLine Technology understands the importance of this need and has made it our mission to emphasize ongoing support. We provide end-to-end support to the clients we have the privilege to partner with through our Support Portal. The Support Portal makes it possible for clients to gain access to easy-to-use tools and a history of technical support tickets with solutions to common user problems. 

Our goal is to provide our users with a better experience whenever they need help and advice from a customer or technical support team member. Call eLine Technology at 800-683-6835 to speak with one of our support staff members. You can also contact eLine Technology by email if you need any more information regarding any of our products or available services.

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