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IP Camera Distributors

eLine Technology is one of the most respected and recognized IP camera distributors in the industry. We provide the highest-quality security technology and wholesale solutions for security companies.

Our partners provide security technology and act as security camera distributors directly to the consumer. We have maintained our prestigious industry position through a commitment to:

  • Competitive Wholesale Distribution
  • Security Technology Development
  • Product Development

There are a number of essential factors that help determine the success of a surveillance equipment and CCTV camera distributor. We also believe maintenance and service agreements are essential.

The cost of setting up an entire security system professionally adds up quickly. A security system is an investment in protecting you, the customers, the property, and the entirety of your home or business.

Following the cost of the initial setup, customers may be wary of purchasing product service or maintenance agreements.

As a distributor, you must demonstrate the value of the services you provide to the customer. There are major drawbacks to the lack of proper product service or maintenance agreement. 

The major drawback is the high replacement and reinstallation costs customers will incur. All security and surveillance products will eventually need repair and replacement regardless of quality. 

Having products inspected and serviced by professionals is the best way to protect your investment. Customers that understand this can provide a steady residual income. 

Quality Products And Service

eLine Technology provides technical support from our offices in the United States. The support extends to any issues that could be encountered as a CCTV distributor. 

Our team acts as a trusted support system for the needs and questions that our customers have. eLine Technology is proud to be wholesale distributors of quality security surveillance hardware and software. 

We deeply care about our clients and products by working to offer only the best series of security equipment. Some of which include:

  • RSI Series
  • Pro4 Series
  • ECO4 Series
  • SIP2 Series
  • ACVI Series
  • Ecom Series
  • IP5 Series
  • Mach Series
  • Quantum Series

Authorized IP Camera Distributors

eLine Technology conducts all business exclusively with authorized distributors and dealers of security and surveillance products. Since our launch in 2009, we have grown to have significant success. 

We attribute our success to our company values, perseverance, unified goals, and dedication. By working with authorized dealers we prevent any competition with our clients. 

We establish mutually beneficial relationships with security companies. We supply our customers with competitively priced wholesale security hardware and software developed in-house.

Video Analytics

As IP camera distributors,  eLine Technology can deliver the equipment necessary to achieve all aspects of video surveillance. As a CCTV camera distributor you must be sure that you can meet customers’ demands. 

This is good business practice because a customer that trusts and relies on you will not turn to the competition. eLine Technology produces and distributes smart video technology.

This technology can gather data using analytic computing software. We carry a line of equipment designed to gather information like license plate information and facial recognition. 

Our Video Analytics equipment includes:

  • ELI-EYS-MACH2: Eystream NVR Server
  • ELI-EYS-MACH1: Eystream NVR Server
  • ELI-EYS-MACH1-MINI: Eystream NVR Server
  • ELI-EYS-MACH-MICRO Video Analytic Server
  • ELI-EYS-VMS: Software for Mach NVR Servers
  • ELI-EYS-MACH3: Eystream NVR Server Custom Build

Dedicated Return And Exchange Policy

The eLine Technology team understands how essential the window of time for returns and exchanges are. We work hard  to ensure that we are detecting, fixing, and eliminating any product defects encountered. 

This approach has proven to address most problems that can come up with technology. Nevertheless, we also understand that some issues can emerge unexpectedly despite this work. 

eLine technology offers each of our customers a “no questions asked” thirty-day return policy. This policy extends to all unopened, unused products purchased from our company. 

Additionally, we will accept the exchange or the return of any product that exceeded our thirty-day guarantee if it is defective and is still covered by the product warranty that came with it.

Contact eLine Technology

The eLine Technology team has consistently proven its flexibility in the security industry. Our products, customer support, and extended services have propelled our success.

During this time, we have also established business partners that we are proud and happy to work with. eLine Technology is confident that we can provide our customers with everything necessary.

This ensures that they continue to operate as a successful and respected security tech and security camera distributor. Contact eLine Technology today for additional product information or to start a partnership you can depend and trust.

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IP Camera Distributors

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