15 Nov

Intelligent Starlight Security Cameras

Starlight security camera chipsets are redefining low-light video surveillance and taking night time security to new levels. Starlight HD cameras by eLine Technology are engineered with the latest low-light chip-sets available on the security market, today.

As the name implies, starlight cameras are ideal low-light monitoring conditions and are capable of providing night vision views in color. Currently,  the starlight cameras provided by eLine Technology feature 2-megapixel, 1/1.9” progressive scan CMOs image sensor for capturing full color images, these starlight cameras typically support up to a maximum 50/60fps@1080p encoding, as well as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to offer peak performance in any type of lighting environment including in extremely bright, dark, or in back lite areas.


Starlight  Smart Features

Among our collection of starlight HD security cameras, there are some starlight cameras models that provide intelligent or smart features, including tamper detection, smart video detection, intelligent analysis, tripwire detection, intrusion detection, people counting and heat map technology.

Heat map technology allows the camera operator to identify hot zones and dead areas in low light situations, so that you are able to modify security views as needed. In addition, select IP Starlight PTZ security cameras support auto tracking!

Starlight Security Cameras and ONVIF

eLine Technology’s IP network starlight security cameras are compatible with ONVIF NVR security recorders. So weather you are searching for replacement cameras for an existing system or if you are looking for a whole new system installation eLine Technology has a starlight security camera that will improve and enhance your low light video security situation.

A quality starlight security camera should be able to provide clearer images with more color detail than security camera, without starlight chipsets. The starlight cameras where specially designed to maintain color images for longer while also providing better night vision when the settings are switched to black and white.

Starlight security cameras work well in a variety of industries from parking lot security, self-storage security, driveway security with street lights, apartment complex security, school security, warehouse or even stadium security, to City centers and high volume traffic areas that require top quality video surveillance. All of these industries could benefit and even improve their security with the use of a HD starlight security cameras.

Important Note: Starlight cameras cannot see color in complete darkness Minimum illumination is required.

eLine Technology Is currently supplying IP Network security cameras and HD Over coaxial security cameras in starlight.


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