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IMPORTANT! Sniper Cameras Setting up NVR-10 for Remote Connection

SNI-NVR10RemoteSetupTechnical Support Knowledge Base: Sniper Cameras

Setting up NVR-10 for Remote Connection

***IMPORTANT: This setup is the alternative to using the USA2 Server. The 4G cameras will not be compatible unless they are hardwired into an existing network. You will need a PC that will be dedicated to running the NVR-10 software at all times, otherwise the cameras will not be accessible remotely.***

Installing the NVR-10 Software
  1. Download the NVR-10 software to the desktop of the PC that is connected to the camera network. https://app.box.com/NVR10
  2. Double-click, and follow the prompts to install the NVR-10 Software

NVR10RemoteSetupNVR-10 software configuration

  1. Open NVR-10
  2. Click on GROUP
  3. Create a new GROUP NAME
  4. Click ADD
  5. Left-click on the new group name and choose the ADD LOCAL CAM tab\
  7. Any cameras that have been detected on the network will appear in a list
  8. Click ADD ALL
  9. Click OK at the bottom right
  10. Click the SYSTEM button from live screen
  11. Put a check mark in START NVR ON BOOTUP
  12. Click OK
  13. Click the USER button from live screen
  14. From the ADD USER tab, select user type REMOTE USER
  15. Input a NEW USER NAME and PASSWORD
  16. Click on the NEW USER on the left under REMOTE USER
  17. Click on the GRANT tab
  18. Click the GRANT button
  19. Left-click and highlight the group in the left window
  20. Select all permissions you would like to assign to the group (all boxes checked is administrator privilege)
  21. Click OK
  22. Click OK

Remote connection

  1. Input a local Static IP address for the NVR-10 PC http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-tcp-ip-settings#1TC=windows-7
  2. Login to the router, and port forward TCP and UDP port 10000, to the NVR PC static IP address http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm
  3. 3. Find out your external IP address. Go to www.whatismyip.com

Connecting remotely to the cameras using Viewer-11

  1. Open Viewer-11, or download and install it from
  2. Click LOGIN
  3. Type in remote username and password (created in NVR-10)
  4. Delete USA2 from the SERVER IP box
  5. Input the EXTERNAL IP address of the remote site (IP address displayed from www.whatismyip.com)
  6. Port = 10000
  7. Click LOGIN
  8. If all configuration is setup correctly, ALL cameras viewable in NVR-10, will be displayed in the Viewer-11 camera list.


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