18 Oct

How to put live video on your website from a surveillance camera

Installing live streaming video feeds on your website is easy with and eLine security camera

There are many applications for having live video on a web page. Cities, resorts, tourism businesses, and vacation homes can have a weather cam. Day cares and schools can have live video available to parents. Pet boarding services and pet owners can have a doggie-cam.

We make it easy by providing the web page code that you can customize with your own camera  information. You will need some knowledge of how to upload a file to your website’s host server.

The below instructions produce a public web page that anyone can access over the internet. If you would like a password protected web page, please consult a web designer/developer. Currently, audio is not available.

Download the web page html document

Six steps get you up and running with live streaming video

  1. Download the html file and open it using a text editor like Notepad++ or a code editor like Adobe Dreamweaver
  2. Reference the screenshot of the code below. The Server and Port are already set to eLine’s information. Do not change those.
  3. Replace ‘username’,’password’ with your camera’s username and password.
  4. Replace “CameraID” with your camera’s ID.
  5. “Save As” with the file name of your choice but keep the extension as .html
  6. You will need ftp access to your website’s server. Upload the html file to your website’s root directory. The url to your video page will be http://yourdomainname.com/yourfilename.html


*The demo features an added headline and text

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August 3, 2017

Thanks to the terrific guide

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