29 May

How Modern Security CCTV Products Are Changing Surveillance

Small businesses, large corporations, private homes, public offices, and just about all other kinds of properties throughout the country depend on some level of CCTV security products to keep their location protected. The US security and surveillance industry is a multi-billion dollar market with growth trends that continue to move upwards.

This continued level of growth has a lot to do with the advancement of new, high-tech CCTV security products and surveillance equipment. The technological innovations coupled with the combined accessibility and affordability of surveillance products from online CCTV suppliers are an obvious sign that this trend is here to stay.

Now with remote accessibility in surveillance feeds widely available via network-connected devices, most people interested in keeping a property secure will have the desire to take advantage of all added protections they can. Simply put, surveillance isn’t strictly for professionally trained security guards anymore.

The Direction CCTV Security Products Are Heading

As with any technology-driven market, the future of CCTV and surveillance is changing. Smart technology and intelligent software are capable of performing jobs that would only have been achieved previously by employing multiple people.

For example, private security guards were once thought to be so expensive they were generally considered a luxury. However, remote security guards are being embraced by businesses and homeowners alike thanks to the effectiveness and affordable cost of remote video monitoring services.

This is primarily due to intelligent video analytics used in security and surveillance software. Though cheap and affordable CCTV security products being available online certainly played an important role, it’s their impressive, new features that altering the future direction of the industry.

New Security Cameras & Surveillance Features

Analog CCTV equipment has been notoriously incapable of achieving the level of detail desired by users for proper identification. In fact, more often than not, when you see anything related to CCTV surveillance in a film or on TV, the footage is grainy, low-fi, and blurry.

As for modern CCTV equipment, this really is no longer the case. The resolution capabilities of new security cameras are far superior to their predecessors and many now even record footage in Ultra 4K HD. Even the most poorly performing IP surveillance cameras outperform some of the best analog CCTV equipment.

The resolution is only one part of what makes these security cameras so impressive. Their surveillance features include such options as thermal imaging, tripwire settings, motion detection, missing object detection, scene change alerts, and true night vision.

When combined with the right video recorder and software, a single CCTV setup can do the work of multiple professionally trained security guards – all without human interaction. This combined with remote access and available security alarm notifications make remote guarding the preferred choice in modern CCTV security and surveillance.

Solving The Power Problem

One of the significant disadvantages to newer, more advanced modern CCTV security products is keeping them powered day and night. Since wireless network security products have solved the problem of connectivity, the next obvious task was to make sure they never lose power.

One solution to the power problem has come in the form of solar powered surveillance equipment. These products harness the energy from the sun to not only power the camera but also save money on electricity.

More elaborate and complex security surveillance systems usually have numerous security cameras installed, which also means multiple video recording devices and servers. All of these items need the power to run properly and most users would have to resort to adding additional power stations or generators to ensure the system remained active.

Low-power servers and other various surveillance solutions utilizing natural energy have been consistently improving as quickly as security and surveillance products themselves. These combined efforts are why each area in the field is able to sustain such a fast rate of progression simultaneously.

Watch the video below to learn more about intelligent surveillance and intelligent video analytics through on Mach Servers.

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