21 Nov

HD CCTV Camera Suppliers – 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing A Camera System

When looking for HD CCTV camera suppliers, it will be important to choose a reliable source. Not only will you come to depend on the stock and selection of wholesale security cameras available, you’ll also have access to important technical support services as well as new surveillance technology advancements.

Perhaps the most useful part of working with experienced HD CCTV camera suppliers is gaining knowledgeable assistance. Not everyone is familiar with how to design the best security camera system for their particular applications. In fact, many people fall victim to some extremely common mistakes.

In the article below we will cover four of the most common mistakes people make when designing a security camera system. If you’d like to speak with experienced wholesale surveillance suppliers about designing the perfect system for your security needs, be sure to contact the experts at eLine Technology for further assistance.

Designing A Security Camera System – 4 Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Purchasing Poor-Quality Security Products

There are countless poor-quality security products available today. This is partly due to a large number of HD CCTV camera suppliers and other surveillance integrators now in business. In fact, most security suppliers reject the vast majority of manufacturing samples that they receive due to poor testing results.

Some of the problems associated with purchasing poor-quality security products include:

  • Surveillance equipment doesn’t work when you receive it
  • Security products that begin malfunctioning shortly after being used
  • Cheaply made brackets and connections that break easily
  • Leaks in outdoor security cameras
  • Infrared lighting that is not effective
  • Poor quality surveillance images
  • Missing features on the DVR
  • Video management software that has programming bugs or is incomplete

It’s easy to find pre-made video surveillance systems online or in major stores nowadays. However, these types of security camera systems are often plagued with problems, known for producing poor quality results, and are simply not designed to your specific requirements.

Another problem associated with pre-configured security camera systems is that they generally have their own components. In other words, users are incapable of mixing different product lines and instead must stick with products developed by one manufacturer.

Probably the biggest problem with buying pre-made video surveillance systems from major chains is the limitations regarding technical support. If you are having difficulties using certain features or experience a problem with your security camera system, it’s highly unlikely that the store will not have the expertise to help you.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to buy from reputable HD CCTV camera suppliers or similar wholesale surveillance companies that are known to be reliable. Doing so will give you access to high-quality security products at reasonable prices and ensures you will be able to have technical assistance available when you need it.

  1. Covering Too Large Of An Area With A PTZ Security Camera

PTZ security cameras are highly effective because they give users the ability to remotely move the camera around both vertically and horizontally as well as zooming in and out. Due to these additional features, a PTZ camera is extremely useful for covering a wide area without additional cameras in place.

However, this does not mean that pan-tilt cameras are without their limitations. It’s common to hear that an event is not recorded because the camera was facing a different area. Although there are PTZ cameras with automatic tours and motion detection in place, it’s still vital to have the camera’s placement and tour designed to be as effective as possible.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to have a professional security camera installation expert help you maximize the camera’s coverage. Otherwise, choosing to cover a large area with one PTZ camera instead of numerous fixed cameras can leave you unprotected when you need it most.

  1. Bandwidth Is Too Low For Remote Surveillance Viewing

Remote viewing on security cameras is now a common feature that is widely used across residential and commercial applications. However, in order to be able to remotely view security cameras you will need to have the camera and DVR connected to a network connection to access it on the internet.

Most average internet connection speeds are not designed to have the bandwidth capabilities to support real-time remote camera viewing. In order to ensure you are able to remotely view your cameras, it will be vital to confirm with your internet provider that you have connection speeds capable of at least 1 MBPS upload speeds.

  1. Choosing An Analog Wireless Camera System

While most people assume that a wireless security camera system is, in fact, wireless, this isn’t generally true. Most wireless surveillance camera systems will still require wires to connect the power to all the different components.

When it comes to wireless camera systems, there are two main options – analog and IP. Analog wireless systems are full of limitations and security vulnerabilities. Analog CCTV technologies are also known to be plagued by poor quality images and are not designed to enable remote viewing over a network connection.

In contrast, IP security cameras are designed to transfer data over a network connection and do make remote viewing possible. IP camera systems are also encrypted and have much fewer security vulnerabilities as well as fewer interference issues.

Contact HD CCTV Camera Suppliers

eLine Technology is proud to be among the top wholesale security camera suppliers available. We provide a large, diverse collection of security and surveillance products that produce reliable, high-quality results. 

We help to supply local security camera companies, surveillance installation companies, and similar security integrators with the products they depend on at affordable prices. In addition, we emphasize the importance of technical support and are able to assist our clients with any technical assistance they might need through our support portal.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your security goals, contact eLine Technology today.

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