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Get Help From Security Cameras Wholesale Suppliers

If you are in the market for cameras for security or surveillance applications, then you no doubt have been overwhelmed by the broad selection available from online stores. The growth of security cameras wholesale suppliers further promotes a wider selection of surveillance equipment than ever before.

So, how do you choose a surveillance camera system? What security camera features are the most important? What is a reasonable price for security cameras and the components that make up a full video surveillance system?

In this following article, I am going to review some key camera features that you should consider. I will also provide a short list of factors to consider when looking for the best security cameras wholesale suppliers.

First, I will provide a brief overview of the evolution of camera resolution as well as offer a few scenarios to help guide you in selecting the optimum security camera(s). For direct assistance, please contact eLine Technology for help.

Technological Improvements in Security Camera Resolution

For many years, the resolution of security surveillance cameras was fixed on the video standard of 480 scan lines per image and 640 pixels per line, i.e. 640×480 pixels. For many applications that resolution was suitable.

However, for security applications requiring a wide view, such as retail store surveillance, airport terminal security, or parking lot surveillance, that resolution fell short of what was needed to identify a suspect or interpret details. Such video surveillance applications required the use of an expensive power zoom lens and a PTZ camera mount to capture small sections of the scene in order to provide sufficient image quality.

The development of newer camera sensor technology (CCD & CMOS) and digital readouts lifted the limitations on resolution. By the mid-1990s, security cameras with resolutions of one, two, and even three million pixels became commercially available.

These surveillance cameras could capture large scenes with sufficient detail to eliminate the need for power zoom optics and pan-tilt systems across many applications. This significantly lowered the cost of small to moderate video surveillance systems while increasing their capabilities.

However, it was not until the development of computer networking technology that security cameras came into wide use for video surveillance. Internet Protocol, or IP network cameras, could be individually addressed on a network, and exchange image data and control commands over common CAT 5 cabling.

In a typical installation, multiple cameras are controlled by a single remote computer or dedicated recording device. There is no restriction on camera resolution and in fact, multiple cameras of varying types and resolutions could be run on a single common network.

Choosing the Best Security Cameras for Different Applications

Despite the impressive advancements in security cameras and surveillance technologies, you don’t necessarily need to jump into a high-end, commercial security camera system solution. Fortunately, for many different applications, older and out-dated standard resolution cameras are suitable and extremely affordable.

However, every setting and user has different applications and security needs. In other words, it’s not recommended to make a decision based solely on price. Instead, you should speak with qualified wholesale suppliers of security cameras to gain a professional opinion.

Corridor or Entry Way Surveillance

Imagine a setting with one or more cameras is mounted 25 feet away while monitoring a scene of 10-25 feet in dimension. In this scenario, an analog CCTV camera with a standard resolution of 640×480 will provide sufficient detail to identify people and objects.

For more distance monitoring or areas with a wider field of view, a camera with higher megapixels should be considered. It’s also important to note that even the lowest performing network IP security cameras will generally outperform even the best analog CCTV cameras.

Retail Store & Business Surveillance

Now imagine a relatively large area, perhaps 30-100 feet wide with multiple subjects, is being monitored by security cameras. This is where the limitations of standard video resolutions become problematic.

Outdated cameras are not capable of producing enough detail across a wide scene similar to this setting. Instead, they rely on zoom optics and PTZ camera functionality is commonly used to monitor sections of the area.

Of course, this means that one camera cannot monitor the entire setting efficiently. In order to ensure no details are missed, multiple cameras are required, greatly increasing costs.

In this application, a one or two megapixel IP network camera is recommended. Often a single network IP camera with a fixed focus lens will provide sufficient detail to identify a subject or other details for up to 100 feet in width.

Instead of using PTZ cameras, there are many wide-angle security cameras available to monitor such settings in a single frame. Be sure to speak with your security cameras wholesale suppliers to better understand the different options available.

Large Settings and Parking Lot Surveillance

For these applications, imagine a large expansive scene, such as a shopping mall or retail parking lot, is being monitored. This application requires multiple cameras placed strategically to adequately monitor many vantage points across the property.

For moderate size properties, such as a parking lot of 100 cars or less, multiple fixed security cameras may suffice. For larger properties, multiple cameras on remote platforms with PTZ functionality may be required.

Consult Wholesale Suppliers of Security Cameras

In order to effectively choose the best security camera systems for your surveillance needs, you should speak with the experts. Wholesale suppliers of security cameras and surveillance equipment will have the experience and expertise to make adequate recommendations in order to overcome any and all environmental challenges.

eLine Technology is proud to be regarded as one of the top wholesale surveillance suppliers in the United States. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliable technical support and sales assistance to enhance the security for businesses of all kinds.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, please contact eLine Technology to speak with an expert directly.

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Security Cameras Wholesale Suppliers

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