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eyStream Analytic Servers: Key Features

​​Imagine a security camera system so advanced that it could detect fire or smoke, recognize faces, and tell the difference between humans, objects and animals. What if you could use advanced camera forensics to search video for any vehicle in a particular color, traveling in a particular direction at a certain speed. And instantly find every piece of video that matches those criteria.

And what if this system was so advanced that, through the power of machine learning and advanced analytics, it could learn to search for and recognized a certain person, vehicle, or object in real time and then follow a set of rules which can include emailing, texting, or a recorded voice call to authorities or security personnel?

Well, thanks to our new eyStream Analytic Servers, all of this and more is a reality. eyStream analytic servers powered by the Axxon Next VMS software are state of the art, enterprise level servers, built to be a powerful and intelligent video security solution that is flexible enough to work with thousands of different brands & models of today’s security cameras.

eyStream Analytic Servers: Key Features

eyStreatm Analytic Key Features Include:

Fire and Smoke detection

  • Our system can visually detect fire or smoke and activate alarms and sprinklers systems before a fire becomes uncontrollable.

Object Classification

  • Neural Network analytics uses object classification in order to detect and differentiate between humans, animals, vehicles, and other objects.

Macros (Event response wizard) 

  • Basic and advanced programming scripts and macros allow users to configure a wide range of automated response actions. Send emails, text messages, or even make pre-recorded phone calls. Sound an alarm, lock or unlock doors; there is almost no limit to what you can do. 

Offline Analytics Forensic Search

  • If there is video from another system that may have witnessed an event, you can import any video and investigate it. Once video is imported, you can use the MomentQuest, Time Compressor, Face Search, or License Plate Search. 

Multiple Camera Face and License Plate Recognition Search

  • Search across multiple cameras for specific faces or license plate numbers. You can even upload a photo of the person to see if they ever were on your property. Don’t have the full plate number? Just search with the partial plate number.

Whitelist / Blacklist Face or License Plate

  • Blacklists or Whitelists vehicles and faces to keep designated areas safe from intruders. If someone on the blacklist is found, designate the response any way you want. It can be an email, text, alarm, pop-up video, and more. 

Time Compressor Video Search – Review Hours of Video in Minutes

  • Allows the users to set a time range for video footage and get a short video clip of all moving objects in the scene. Objects and events captured at different times are displayed simultaneously in a condensed “Video Synopsis”.

Momentquest Intelligent Metadata Search

  • Momentquest is a set of technologies that generate metadata right at the moment of video recording. Search for motion in zones, crossing a line, size, color, direction, the speed of an object in motion, and more. You will receive all results at one time that match the criteria. 

Tag and Track – Follow Object of Interest from Camera to Camera

  • Choose your areas and track objects from zone to zone. Follow moving objects with a PTZ Camera. Simultaneously get the BIG Picture of everything happening at a protected site. Obtain detailed imagery of the objects moving around it, by locking onto them and continuing to track them across multiple cameras.

Edge Storage Replication – Save Video, Audio or Data in another storage folder or device for long term storage or for future reference.

  • With replication, video, audio, and metadata are constantly copied from one (or several) video storages to another, user-specified storage. This offers a failsafe option for long-term video storage.

Video Wall 2.0 – Send video from one client monitor to another client monitor anywhere that is connected to the same server.

  • With this technology, operators can select a layout that has been created in the system and sends it to the monitor of any client computer currently connected to any video surveillance server.

3D Maps – All cameras superimposed on sitemap and display camera video in the same window.

  • Interactive 3D map superimposes camera locations on a sitemap and displays camera views in the same window. This handy viewing mode allows operators to monitor situations without spending the time to switch between windows.

Free iOS and Android Apps

  • Stay connected with convenient viewing on smart devices anywhere in the world.

Bookmarking with Text – Bookmark any part of video and add text for future remarks.

  • Mark key moments in recorded video. Search for video of interest based on the bookmark comments.

Compatible with Over 9900 Different Models of IP Devices

  • This powerful software automatically identifies all IP-video equipment connected to the local area network. Therefore, to configure the system, the operator does not need to know the IP-addresses of all the cameras – the system will find them, identify the models, and will display all additional capabilities of these cameras, such as availability of microphones, built-in speakers, inputs for alarm sensors, etc. The operator will only need to configure the intended use of each camera and its advanced features.

 Please contact eLine Technology if you’re interested in learning more about the powerful capabilities of eyStream Analytics Servers!

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