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eLine Technology For Wholesale Distributors Of Security Cameras

eLine Technology are proud to be leading suppliers and distributors of security cameras, video surveillance equipment, and related equipment. We partner with authorized security camera dealers all over the country. 

Our team specifically chooses to partner with our dealers to make sure that we are never competing with our partnered distributors. Ever since our establishment, now a decade ago, eLine Technology has turned into premier distributors of security cameras and wholesale surveillance equipment.

eLine Technology not only specializes in wholesale security camera systems but our team also provides vital technical support for the security camera systems that we supply. We have been successful enough to now be a nationally recognized choice for security surveillance camera distributors everywhere. 

eLine Technology For Wholesale Distributors Of Security Cameras

We supply security camera dealers with exclusive wholesale prices to create a solid foundation built up of security surveillance experts. eLine Technology sets itself apart from our competitors through the quality of our products and constant innovation. 

Our team consists of knowledgeable sales and technical support members with a comprehensive understanding of the products that we supply. We remain motivated and passionate to work with our clients, offering them custom solutions to meet any and all of their video surveillance needs.

 eLine Technology is your wholesale security cameras solution. As wholesale distributors of security cameras and surveillance products, our team strives to be the national leader for helping surveillance dealers gain success. 

We have now achieved over 22,000 successful projects and annually growing at a rate of around 20%. As the ever-growing demands of the security industry build, it is our mission to supply our dealers with:

  • Technical Support Services
  • Expanded Product Offerings
  • Increased Buying Power

Our Areas Of Expertise

eLine Technology’s extensive experience among varying industries allows us to create unique system solutions that cater to the individual needs of individual businesses. We have over 45 distinct distribution locations and over 140 current security products. Our CCTV and Video management packages created for security camera distributors provide powerful security resolutions for many different industries including:

  • Construction Site Security
  • Border Patrol Security
  • Oil and Gas Security
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Grocery Stores’ Security
  • Convenience Stores’ Security  

 We work diligently to catch and prevent any problems with our technology and addressing concerns or issues as we find them. Despite our efforts, we understand that technology will sometimes have defects or issues that cannot be remedied. We also understand that many times after an initial purchase we might find another product better suited for our needs.

For these reasons, eLine Technology has a 30-day “no questions asked” return policy. We will accept the return of any new, unopened item for a full refund. We will also accept returns or exchanges of opened products past our 30-day guarantee if it is defective and still remains under product warranty.

 We have three main categories of security cameras we carry and specialize in. They each have unique characteristics and advantages to allow us to help any and all interested connoisseurs. Our security camera inventory includes:

Our IP network security cameras are extremely reliable while providing high definition video quality. Our extensive selection of advanced features, body styles, and image resolution allow us to customize the best security system for your business together. HD over coax cameras are one of the best options when looking for an affordable HD security solution. eLine Technology offers HD over coax cameras that provide an HD video solution for coaxial cable installs; we have HD technology’s to fit any installation such as AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and 960H analog.

Our 4G solar surveillance cameras can be set up in minutes at any location that has proper 4G cellular service. 4G cellular service has helped bring surveillance cameras to locations that were previously too costly or arduous to install. With our 4G solar surveillance cameras, you can stream video, whenever you’d like to or need to, directly from the camera’s internal storage.

Maintenance and service is a key aspect of helping wholesale distributors of security cameras to succeed in their goals. As technological providers in the security industry offering and even pushing for regular maintenance for your customers’ purchased security cameras. This is because providing continuous, great service will instill confidence in your company and brand loyalty to your benefit.

Though maintenance will also generate revenue for your business, it is wiser to focus on the relationships it can help you create with your existing customers. As you prove to your customers that you will take care of any issues correctly and with haste, the regular maintenance you are providing will build deeper, more personal connections. These better relationships highly increase the likelihood that existing customers will:

  • Return for upgrades in the future
  • Call your company when interested in increasing inventory
  • Recommend your services to their friends, associates, and clientele

 When security camera distributors have purchased from us, they can rest easy knowing we can help with service, technical problems, and support them with any problems they have encountered. eLine provides local, US-based technical support that will work with members of your company’s team until we have reached a resolution for any and all issues. While providing service you can count on us as if we were members of your own staff.

We will always put our best efforts and attitude forward while providing you and your clients any kind of support. As wholesale security distributors, we see the security camera distributors that purchase our equipment as valuable and essential business partners.

When it comes to reaching customer service and satisfaction we know that communication and a knowledgeable team can take you to the finish line. Contact us today if interested in any of our products or to have any questions addressed.

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