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CCTV Wholesale Distributors

CCTV wholesale distributors, surveillance equipment suppliers, security camera manufacturers, and other security-related companies make up an intricate network. Their partnerships in relation to each other are what branch the gaps and bring every aspect of the security industry together. If not for these professional relationships, innovative solutions like smart security and auto-tracking long-range night vision cameras would remain impossibly expensive (if not completely out of reach). And the CCTV wholesale distributors at eLine Technology continue to push the limits on what is possible when high-tech surveillance equipment meets innovative network solutions.

CCTV Wholesale Distributors | The Mach Servers

Want to hear about some of the most innovative technologies that have CCTV wholesale distributors, security camera suppliers, surveillance equipment manufacturers, and security systems dealers all equally excited? Then let’s talk about video analytics and what is possible with The Mach Servers.

In case you weren’t absolutely sure, the future of surveillance really is here. Advanced smart security and video analytics software like The Mach Servers make some of the most advanced and sought after functions of modern CCTV surveillance systems a reality. With near-instant forensic searches and an unending scalability that connects systems from anywhere, The Mach Servers are the all-in-one solution perfectly optimized for the analytic power of Axxon Next VMS Software.

  • Video Analytics: Search any moment, color, face, or license place with the innovative, scalable, and reliable VMS Software. Connectivity possible from location to location.
  • Security Servers: Hardware built to perform with powerful Axxon Next VMS that provides HD video quality footage with usable advanced analytics. Pre-built and custom models available.
  • Scale Infinitely: Multiple cameras, multiple servers, multiple domains, and multiple facilities can be connected on a single client workstation.
  • Forensic Search: Near-instant forensic searching of recorded surveillance video footage. Either search by location, motion in zones, the crossing of a line, size, color, direction, or speed.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below to see some examples of what this amazing technology is capable of and just how it can help you.

CCTV Wholesale Distributors | End to End Security & Support

Surveillance systems and CCTV security camera setups are just about as commonplace in today’s society as electricity and cell phones. In fact, smartphones are one of the most important aspects of implementing the most cutting-edge technology into even older CCTV system configurations. But with more access comes more risks, making network security more important than it has ever been.

To solve these problems and to combat future issues with the continued advancement of CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment, eLine Technology has greatly improved its own support portal. This makes it easier for CCTV wholesale distributors, integrators, manufacturers, and suppliers to assist each other. And it adds just one more reason to the list of why we continue to outrank and outperform competitors more concerned with making money than helping clients succeed.

Our latest upgrades to improve our technical and customer support services include everything from helpful tools to community forums, support tickets, and more. Read more about eLine Technology’s Support Portal Here.

It is our promise to provide end to end security and support and deliver smart security solutions for projects of all sizes. So whether you are large-scale CCTV wholesale distributors, a local security camera warehouse, a multi-location retail corporation, or a small business facility owner, we can help. Call eLine Technology at 800-683-6835 to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer support staff members. Or, if you prefer, Contact Us by email for more information.

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