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CCTV Distributor

eLine Technology provides high-quality security camera systems. We manufacture and design state-of-the-art CCTV systems that can be used in a wide range of applications, including commercial and residential. If you are looking for wholesale distributors of CCTV services, eLine Technology should be your first choice. We strive to provide our clients with the most advanced security camera systems. Our technology can be tailored to meet customer needs. Since 2009, we have been providing high-end surveillance equipment to the security industry. For any questions regarding the best CCTV distributor feel free to give the eLine technology office a call at 800.683.6835.

eLine Technology works only with CCTV camera distributors. We can offer wholesale CCTV equipment to our clients at reduced prices, while still maintaining a close relationship with the distributors we supply our technology to. With state-of-the-art technology and support from our technical team, we work to make sure that CCTV camera and security equipment distributors that we supply products are on the right path to success. We offer some of the most advanced 4-megapixel cameras in security at very competitive prices.

Techpro’s ELI–ACVI-B4-4R cable is part of eLine Technology’s over-coaxial high-definition cable solutions. Another 4-megapixel HDCVI bullet camera, this one has a fixed lens of 3.6mm and is IP67 weatherproof. The ELI-ACVIB4-4R weighs in at.44kg (0.97lbs).

The ELI-ACVI – B4-312MR HDCVI motorized bullet camera is a 4MP HDCVI HDCVI camera with 2.7-12mm zoom lens. The camera can capture footage from up to 197 feet in darkness and is weatherproof. This bullet camera is versatile and can be used in many situations and locations thanks to its motorized lens and intuitive Infrared capabilities. Key features of the ELI-ACVI – B4-312MR include:

  • HD and SD output capabilities
  • 2688 x 1520 Resolution
  • Motorized Zoom Lens
  • Infrared
  • IP67 Rating
  • True WDR

eLine supplies professional security camera system distributors with the latest surveillance equipment, such as our 3600 IP cameras. This technology gives you a wider field of vision. For ultra-high-definition footage, we have 12 MP4K cameras. The ELI–SIP2-D12–360R dome fisheye camera is vandal-proof and has infrared capabilities. This 3600 IP camera is among the most versatile on the market. It offers H.264&MJPEG dual-stream encoding, multi-network monitoring, microSD slot, and IP67 protection. The ELI-SIP2-D12-60R camera offers a variety of picture modes, including:

  • Original
  • Panoramic
  • Double Panoramix
  • 1+3
  • Ertz
  • 4 Pictures

eLine technology provides a wide range of accessories and equipment for CCTV equipment, including the highest quality cameras available. We offer powerful video management systems like DVRs, Quadbrids, and NVRs. We offer a variety of video management and recording systems to meet every consumer’s needs. We offer the most comprehensive and advanced video analytics software as well as NVR servers.

eLine Technology is well-known for its high-quality products as well as the exceptional customer and technical support that we offer our clients. Our technicians are constantly learning new technology and working with clients to improve existing products.

We are authorized wholesale distributors of CCTV systems for security system suppliers. eLine Technology provides video surveillance equipment that can be used in a variety of industries. Our technology is used in many industries, including schools, banks, airports, and government agencies.

If you’re a distributor of security cameras and want to find the best CCTV surveillance equipment, then eLIne Technology offers wholesale distribution CCTV services. We offer the most reliable and durable security equipment at a very affordable price. If you are looking for premium surveillance equipment, eLine Technology can help. Any questions you might have regarding our security products can be answered by our product designers.

CCTV Distributor

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