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What Sets CCTV Companies Apart?

Working with a security camera supplier is a significant part of being a successful dealer. The cost difference in wholesale security products versus normal pricing alone helps security camera dealers with their bottom line. There are, however, a diverse variety of CCTV companies out there who work with dealers. The competition has given rise to better pricing and advancing technologies, for starters. But with so many people competing for the top spots, what does it take to decide which of the CCTV companies is best to begin forming a professional relationship with?

The best way to answer this question is to understand what makes one supplier different from another. There are obviously reasons certain CCTV companies are highly regarded as industry leaders both among security professionals and the dealers they work with. What I’d like to do in this article is break down some of the primary differences setting security camera suppliers apart from each other beyond just the security cameras and surveillance products they supply.

What Sets CCTV Companies Apart?

First, I should point out the fact that the quality of any surveillance products security camera suppliers is important. Just because some surveillance companies have low pricing doesn’t mean they are the easy, go-to choice. For the sake of this article, however, we’re going to assume you are capable of making the determination on quality and value. Putting that aside, here what else you should look for in CCTV companies before deciding to do ongoing purchases with them.

What do the Surveillance Suppliers Specialize in?

One of the first things you should be comparing between CCTV companies is what they specialize in. After all, if you’re a small operation who only does simple residential security camera installations, you probably won’t need the most advanced technologies available in commercial video surveillance. Same goes for other things, like access control equipment and intelligent software analytics.

The world of security and surveillance is big and only continues to grow as more and more technological advancements take place. Most security camera suppliers will have a unique specialty or at least an average type of dealer that they work with. Be sure to reach out to them and let them know what sort of operation you are running. Ask if you think you’d be a good fit and if they have other clients similar in size and style to what you do.

Do the CCTV Companies Emphasize Security Support?

As with any business, support is important. Not only does customer support make one security camera supplier preferable to another, but there is an obvious need for technical support within the security and surveillance industries. As security cameras and video surveillance technologies continue to progress, the need to know how to get maximize their features will continue to take precedence.

Find out what sort of efforts the CCTV companies put towards offering their registered dealers in support. Are there easy to find answers or a knowledge base full of security camera and surveillance tutorials available? How difficult is it to get answers to technical support questions? Do they actually answer these questions themselves or will you have to deal with other companies domestically or internationally? Emphasis on support will bring you much more opportunity to understand both get more out of the surveillance products you are buying as well as how much the supplier cares about their own clients.

Do Their Surveillance Products Meet Your Ambitions?

I previously mentioned setting the quality of the surveillance products aside. It’s more than likely that you’ve already dismissed the CCTV companies who don’t carry products you are not interested in or ones you believe are either lacking in quality or don’t fit your price range. What you should keep in mind, however, is that where you are at now is not representative of where you will be moving forward.

Make sure that the surveillance products CCTV companies carry match with your vision as your business venture continues to progress and grow. Maybe you don’t need high-tech security cameras or advanced video analytics software right now, but security and surveillance technologies are susceptible to becoming outdated more quickly than ever before. Don’t let a lack of available surveillance products limit you from pursuing different avenues and advancing your business forward. In the end, being the sole local dealer familiar with advancing technologies could easily lead to besting other local or online competition.

What Benefits do the Security Camera Suppliers Offer Dealers?

Perhaps the last truly important factor to take into consideration will be the sort of benefits security camera suppliers offer their dealers. It’s only natural to assume CCTV companies will provide their registered dealers with some sort of incentive unique to their clients. For instance, certain surveillance suppliers are authorized dealers of specific products, giving you access to specific technologies that your competitors might otherwise not have.

Another example is the idea of working with CCTV manufacturers who allow their registered dealers to rebrand their cameras for themselves. Rebranding security cameras is a popular choice made by many local and online security camera dealers in the current market. Other considerations are if they offer any guarantees that they won’t also work with any competition near you. Exclusive access to surveillance products is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition and many CCTV companies provide assurances to ensure you won’t have to worry about losing retail exclusivity locally.

Choosing eLine Technology

eLine Technology has long been one of the most trusted CCTV companies in the industry. We are proud to work exclusively with specific dealers who are just as passionate about their security venture as ourselves. We offer free technical support and rebranding options to our clients while continuously looking for more ways to improve the services and products we provide. Contact us to find out how to become a registered reseller with eLine and be sure to browse our full collection of surveillance products online to learn more about what we offer.

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