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Since our inception back in 2009, eLine Technology has provided world-class security camera technology. We are wholesale CCTV camera dealers that supply quality products to a variety of industries. Our skilled engineer’s design and manufacture high-end surveillance equipment, security technology, accessories, as well as software. We are wholesale suppliers of security products. eLine only sells through distributor partners. This is to ensure that our products and services are not in direct competition with other dealers. To become an authorized distributor for eLine Technology’s security product, simply complete our online form. One of our security technology specialists is sure to get back to you shortly. eLine Technology offers over 140 security products for our clients, including our:

  • 4 Mega Pixel Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Varifocal Cameras
  • Motorized Zoom Camera
  • 3600 IP Cameras
  • 4G Solar Surveillance Cameras

eLine Technology distributes state-of-the-art security products to CCTV camera dealers with whom we have formed partnerships. Our 4MP security cameras have been designed with functionality and durability in mind. The ELI-ACVIB4-312MR motorized bullet camera features an IP67 rating and infrared capabilities up to 197 feet. You can be confident that your camera will withstand harsh weather conditions, and it is protected from dust and fine particles. Our 4MP dome camera, the ELI-ACVI ED4-4R, can record HD video over coax with excellent resolution. This camera is a strong contender in security. It has a robust aluminum enclosure and can see up to 98 feet at night, making it a formidable competitor.

We can provide flexible solutions for providing output cameras for HDTV, AHD, HDTV, and HDCVI. When you are a CCTV camera dealer or installer, Quadbrid cameras, also known as quadruple hybrid cameras, are the best choice of cameras. Quadbrid security cameras are a versatile product that can be integrated into existing surveillance systems.

Bullet cameras are among the most versatile types of security surveillance system cameras. Bullet cameras are available with a wide range of capabilities, including night vision, motion detection, optical zoom, and motion detection. When it comes to maneuverability and placement, bullet cameras are far more advantageous than their counterparts. The bullet cameras can be mounted on walls instead of the ceiling. The angle can be adjusted to maximize visibility using the camera neck, which can be easily adjusted.

Dome security cameras have the advantage of being easily recognized by anyone who steps onto the area equipped with them. They are highly effective tools for crime prevention. Statistics show that people are more likely to act ethically if they know that there is a security system. There are many styles and specifications for dome security cameras. Dome cameras also have the advantage of not being able to tell which direction it is facing. This makes it more difficult for surveillance cameras to avoid, but also means that they are more skilled. CCTV Camera Dealers

eLine Technology supplies CCTV camera dealers with a high-quality varifocal security camera with adjustable zoom and focus that can be used to create a variety of angles and views. Varifocal cameras like the ELI-QUHDB2-550IRB are available. It is part of the Quantum HD over Coaxial cable series. It can deliver 1080p HD resolutions. The camera has a fantastic day-to-night white balance and can capture security footage to 262 feet in darkness through the use of infrared technology. CCTV Camera Dealers

Dealers who want to offer their customers motorized security cameras are an excellent option. They can adjust zoom and focus by using the on-screen display, instead of manually. The ELI-ACVI – VD4-312MR motorized dome camera has IR features and 4MP HDCVI technology. This motorized security camera has an IK10 security rating and is vandal-proof. All motorized security cameras manufactured by eLine Technology comply with our quality standards and are made from the best materials to ensure product durability. There are many connectivity options available for motorized security cameras such as:

  • Quadruple Hybrid
  • AHD
  • Analog

eLine Technology’s 3600IP Cameras offer high-resolution IP network security. The ELI-IP5VD360 4MP fish-eye camera is housed in a vandalproof dome enclosure. This camera is ideal for large areas and provides excellent visibility. Users can enjoy 4k ultra-high resolution with the ELI-SIP2-D12-60R. The 12MP, vandal-proof ELI-SIP2-D12-60R can cover large areas that would have required three or more separate cameras. This high-end security camera provides multiple photo modes for your CCTV system, including:

  • Original
  • Double Panoramic
  • 1+3
  • EPTZ
  • 4 Photos

eLine Technology provides superior security products to our clients who are CCTV camera dealers. The ELI-RSI–PS 5MP solar-powered security camera has motion detection and infrared capabilities. The high-quality camera offers remote viewing via a web-connected, cellular 4g wireless interface. The ELI-RSI -PS sends all images and video to a cloud-based network to which users have full access to. This online communication is done via the camera’s cellular link. CCTV Camera Dealers

eLine Technology provides support tools for our clients, including an online knowledge base and a video portal. For any product questions or issues that you may have, our skilled team of security tech specialists can assist. Our normal hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. To become a dealer of CCTV camera dealer authorized by eLine Technology, contact us today.

CCTV Camera Dealer

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