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11 Nov 2022

Solar Security Cameras

The unique feature of a solar security camera system is its ability to be used in rural areas without power lines or electrical outlets. More and more solar-based technologies are being used in products across many industries as the world becomes more conscious of the environmental impact of humans. If you are looking for the most trustworthy company to buy Solar Security Cameras from look no further than eLine Technology!

A solar security camera system can serve a few purposes. All products that are powered by solar energy have a primary reason. Solar energy harvesting and storage is an entirely sustainable, eco-friendly, renewable source of energy.

There are many other benefits to using powered security cameras, beyond just the desire to be green. There are many reasons to be interested in solar surveillance cameras for security.

This article will provide a detailed overview of some of these benefits and help you decide if you should use solar surveillance products for your outdoor property. Click here to see a live demonstration of a 4G cellular-equipped solar security camera.

Solar Security Camera Systems: The Advantages

Solar power surveillance systems offer the most important benefits: flexibility, scalability and affordability. Here’s a closer look at each advantage.


Security and surveillance can be difficult for large farms and construction sites as well as properties in remote areas. Solar panel security cameras are ideal for monitoring remote areas and large outdoor areas.

A solar security camera uses solar energy to power it. This eliminates the need for electricity or power lines. The security camera can store and collect enough power as long as it is installed correctly.

Many solar panel cameras come with a battery backup unit to help compensate for cloudy days that prevent the sun from reaching solar panels fully. Users can cover a large area with less security cameras by using vantage points that allow them to capture the maximum amount of energy.


Although solar panel security cameras are not new, the popularity of using solar power surveillance technology is due in large part to their affordability. The overall cost of solar security cameras has fallen dramatically as more CCTV suppliers and security camera manufacturers compete in highly competitive markets.

One might argue that this is due to the financial incentives given to those who use solar panels for their homes. This is partially true as the materials needed to make solar panel security cameras are much easier to find than they were a few years back. In fact, the government offers financial incentives for solar surveillance products through tax credits, rebates and participation programs.

Another reason that solar security cameras seem to be cheaper is the growing interest in eco-friendly solutions across almost all industries. Whatever the reason, it is clear that solar power surveillance products have become more affordable than ever and the variety of solar surveillance products available for sale has never been higher.


Solar panel security cameras offer a significant scalability benefit thanks to 4G cellular technology. 4G solar security cameras can store all video recordings in a cloud-based surveillance system that is accessible from any location with 4G connectivity.

Also, as long as there’s a cellular tower nearby, a 4G solar cam can continuously upload its footage to the cloud so that it can be viewed remotely from any part of the world. Remote video access allows owners to remotely view their property from any device connected to the network.

4G wireless solar cameras provide excellent security and surveillance solutions, from mobile homes and campers to farms and construction sites. They don’t require the typical wired setup and they do not need to be on the same network as an IP wireless camera system.

Learn more about 4G wireless security cameras to protect your site from hackers.

About eLine Technology

eLine Technology, a US distributor, manufacturer and supplier of security cameras, is located in Colorado. Our industry experts are skilled in finding innovative ways to offer the highest quality surveillance products at affordable prices. This allows us to achieve things that we have never achieved before.

We are part of a group of security and surveillance companies that share the same goals to be industry leaders in our respective areas. Our industry’s most important aspect is our customer. We are proud of our achievements in providing our customers with the best possible experience.

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Solar Security Cameras

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