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23 Sep 2016

Press Release: eLine Technology Announces Mach Micro – A Compact Video Analytic Server Solution


The Mach Micro is the little brother in eLine Technology’s line of video analytic servers. The compact unit features a powerful analytic VMS and is designed to perform with up to 16 3 Mega-pixel IP Cameras.


North Denver, Colorado –  eLine Technology an established provider of video security equipment and video management software, announces the release of the Mach Micro server. The Mach Micro is the most compact and affordable video analytic server in the Mach Server series.

The Mach Micro video analytic server, for security, was developed to perform with Axxon Next VMS, a powerful Video Analytic VMS that eLine believes in. The Mach Micro is the smallest server build in the Mach server series and will support up to 16 IP cameras at 3 Mega-pixel resolutions (camera counts can vary based on resolutions), a single 1080p monitor and up to 18TB’s of Surveillance storage.

The Mach servers have the ability to record up to 4K resolutions and are ONVIF conformant for ease of integration. Mach servers were crafted to be a powerful, affordable and intelligent video security solution that are also adaptable for a range of industries. The VMS will scale infinitely, making the Mach servers ideal for multi-server security projects or multiple location security projects.

eLine Technology strives to provide customers with quality products and service. We create partnerships and utilize the latest industry technology to help create better security solutions for everyone.

Mach Micro Key Features:

  • Video Analytic Smart Security Solutions
  • State-of-the-art VMS Software
  • Forensic Search Engine
  • Time Compressor
  • Interactive 3D Map
  • Flexible Layouts
  • Scalable for Future System Growth
  • 16 IP Network Security Cameras
  • 18tb’s of Surveillance Storage
  • The most affordable Mach Server Solution

eLine Technology Invites you to experience Smart Security Intelligent Video Analytic Mach Servers



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14 Jan 2016

eLine Technology Releases Solar Powered 4G Wireless Camera Systems to step up security in remote areas

eLine Technology is excited to announce two Solar Powered 4G security camera systems, making security a breeze for remote areas or locations with limited power and internet. Powered by the natural energy of the sun, these cameras connect to 4G, creating an easy bridge to Cloud Service to access surveillance from anywhere.

eLine Technology began their leap into the world of 4G Wireless with their Solar Powered Wireless 4G Cellular Site Camera that ensures quality surveillance ideal for construction sites, oil and gas wells, and ranch and wildlife monitoring, and other locations with limited power and internet accessibility. Completely solar powered with internal battery for 4 days of 24/7 operation for days with little sunlight, this camera is an easy 20 minute installation, and provides professional video streaming, continuous recording, time-lapse photography and on-demand imaging. The MultiSense Cloud Service provides web-based viewing of camera’s images and video from any PC or mobile device and provides monthly 1GB to 5GB data packages to fit customer’s needs.

  • 100% Solar Powered, 100% wireless surveillance + time-lapse
  • High resolution, color images and video
  • Live video streaming (H.264)
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) built-in – 5 MP stills or 780p video
  • Extremely simple installation and set up
  • Compact: small and light weight for easy one-person install
  • Event alerting (via text or e-mail) and logging
  • Built-in cellular for operation anywhere
  • Standard 802.11b/g/n WiFi- works with standard access points
  • System complete with battery, power and solar panel
  • Monthly data plans provided by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Rogers Cellular (in Canada)
  • Available accessories include transport case, tripod kit and cable lock


In continuing eLine Technology’s push to provide their customers with more options, they are excited to announce their NEW Solar Motion Activated Security Camera with IR, making security a breeze for remote areas or locations with limited power and internet. Powered by the natural energy of the sun, this camera connects to 4G wireless, creating an easy bridge to Cloud Portal Service to access data from anywhere. This exciting new camera also has motion detection and IR night vision. This RSI Remote Security Series is ideal for construction sites, oil and gas wells, storage yards, and ranch and wildlife monitoring. With three methods for acquiring pictures, all pictures and video are sent over the cellular network to our “cloud-based” server network, giving you full access to the camera’s video, pictures and cloud feature set. Customers can control everything from the camera’s settings to recordings. Email and text alerts can also be customized to fit customers’ needs. This camera works worldwide and comes pre-configured before shipment to the customer to ensure easy operation upon arrival.

  • 100% Solar Powered, 100% wireless surveillance + time lapse
  • Cellular 4G transmission (wireless)
  • Motion Sensor (PIR Thermal) up to 50 feet range
  • Night Vision IR up to 50 feet
  • High definition 2 MP 1280 x 1024
  • Internal battery provides 24/7 Operation up to 10 days power back up for days with little sunlight
  • Built-in cellular operation anywhere
  • Dual HD lenses: B&W night view & full color for day time
  • Create, share and embed time-lapse video (text and e-mail alerts)
  • Built to for a quality surveillance video experience
  • Cloud Service for web access from any PC or mobile device
  • 3 methods for gathering pictures: scheduled time intervals, motion detection and live requests
  • Contract FREE Unlimited Data Plan for low monthly fee


To learn more about eLine Technology Security Products Visit


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29 Jul 2015

Security Integrator and Distributor Guide to Selling 4K Security Systems

4K is that fancy new TV resolution that no one can afford yet right? It’s true that the new 4K TV’s come with quite a price tag, but your security can still benefit from 4K even without the help of a 4K monitor here is a little advice when it comes  to selling 4K Security Systems.

There are 6 Selling points we recommend when selling 4K Security Systems 

  1. The NVRs are affordable and can record 1.3mp up to 12mp
  2. Mix and match Cameras: add 4K cameras to high security areas
  3. One 4K camera is equal in price to the cost of two 2MP cameras
  4. Higher mega pixels allows for better quality digital zoom
    • beneficial in cases of litigation or theft
    • provides more pixels for better analysis
  5. Cover multiple options for the customer in your quote
    • Give the customer choice
  6. NVRs with 12MP recording are ready for future camera upgrades

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30 Jun 2015
20 Mar 2015

Sniper Relay Server Support

Sniper Relay Server Support

Important Update for Sniper Camera Cloud Service for Sniper Cameras beginning with “ELI-SNI”

The Sniper relay server will no longer be subsidized by eLine Technology. For Sniper Cameras that are connected to a network without the use of 4G/3G you may choose to set up the sniper camera without the use of the relay server, read the following Tech support document for guidance on this issue.

For the Remote viewing and access to your Sniper “ELI-SNI” camera you can utilize easyipcampc.easyipcam.com

If you need Tech Support in regards to the relay server please email sales@2delectronics.com

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06 Mar 2015

eLine Technology announces Control4 integration for SIP series cameras

eLine Technology’s SIP series of IP network cameras can now be integrated with Control4.

Control4 offers seamless home automation by integrating home based technologies.
eLine Technology, announces the release of a Control4 driver developed for eLine’s SIP series of IP network cameras. This Control4 driver allows eLine Technology to join the home automation market. Control4 offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by allowing the electronic components and systems in the home to communicate and work together. Control4 integrates everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security, smartphones and tablets. This integration allows the user to view and control every aspect of their home or business from a single device, now including eLine SIP security cameras.

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27 Feb 2015
20 Feb 2015

eLine Technology SIP series Control4

The following driver has been developed for the use of the eLine Technology to integrate the SIP series line of IP cameras with the home automation system Control4.

Thank you for your interest in our product unfortunately the SIP series has been discontinued if you currently own a SIP Camera and want to retrieve the Control4 driver please visit support.elinetechnology.com and request a ticket.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is control4?

Control4 is a smart home automation solution which integrates the electronics that you use in day to day life and makes them work together seamlessly. The Control4 system integrates lighting, music, video, climate control, security and smartphones and tablets. Click to Learn More

For installation help please review the following video

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31 Dec 2014

4ch IP Surveillance Solutions for Small Business

A 4 channel NVR IP surveillance system from eLine Technology is a perfect solution for those looking to install their first security system or upgrade from their current system. This quality NVR and 4 camera package offers users flexibility and convince. If you are looking for a professional surveillance experience this 4ch IP surveillance system offers a 1080p quality perfect for small business surveillance, office surveillance or even home surveillance systems.

Some Key features that this systems offers includes:

  • HD Preview and Playback
  • HD outputs HDMI or VGA
  • 4-channels 1080p 30fps with POE
  • Remote monitoring from Web Browser and Apps for iPhone and Android
  • ONVIF Standard Compliant

Click Here to view Fully Packaged kit contents and Specifications

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23 Dec 2014

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