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19 Oct 2011

Gas Pumps, Gas Stations and Parking Lots, HD Security Cameras

High Definition Video Security

Gas stations, gas pumps and parking lots have unique video surveillance needs. Near gas pumps and in parking lots there is absolute value in installing High definition Security Cameras

With eLine Technology it has never been a better time to price out a high definition surveillance system. From IP network surveillance to HD over coaxial cable with HDCVI.  eLine Technology’s surveillance consulting services will be able to design you the perfect security system to fit your security goals.

Convenience stores and Gas station security is a public safety concern, these types of locations are high risk targets of crime and theft. They are high traffic locations who are often open 24 hours a day to protect your employees and customers having a well designed security systems is a great benefit.


You have the Ability to create a system to suite any of your business or security goals

  • Basic High definition recording with clear picture quality
  • It is proven that a visible security system deters crime and theft
  • Set up cameras to monitor traffic patterns and inventory control
  • Zoom in to Capture License Plates and Faces
  • IP Network Resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. High Definition for high dollar areas.
  • Upgrading from Analog? HD over coax technology make upgrading affordable.


Recommended Technologies:

hdcvi-logo ipnetwork-logo
High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI)

  • Cost Effective Upgrade: Use existing Cat5 or RG59 cable installations. No need to run new cabling when upgrading from traditional analog.
  • 1080p HD video Clear Crisp Imagery in 1080p for monitoring inmate and officer activity.
  • Night Vision: IR LED cameras up to 35meters for improved visibility in low light and dark areas
  • Get a Closer look: Cameras with 2.8mm-12mm motorized zoom lens allows you to remotely zoom for a closer view.

Click Here to View our Line of HDCVI Products or Click Here to Learn more about the HDCVI Technology

IP Network Surveillance

  • HD network cameras and Megapixel cameras provide superior image quality 1080p and Beyond
  • Censored alarm security for off limited areas or doors. When a sensor area is entered an alarm is triggered that prompts action for security professionals.
  • wo way audio communication where security professionals can alert guards to a situation thru the surveillance camera
  • Video Analytics VMS AxxonSoft is available for network cameras: Situation analysis includes line crossing, zone entry, loitering, stopping in the zone, motion in the zone, zone exit.

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eLine Technology’s Security Professionals are Standing by:

eLine Technoloy’s Surveillance and security professionals are experienced in creating and recommending the best technologies and equipment to fit your needs. Call 800.683.6835

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