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11 May 2017

What is a Pentabrid DVR and how does it benefit Installers?

Pentabrid DVRs are emerging on the marketplace you may have noticed that some of your favorite eLine Technology HD Over Coaxial Cable security recorders have evolved to into Pentabrid DVRs, but what is a Pentabrid? Pentabrid DVRs house 5 different technology solutions, HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD, Analog and IP Network Technology. Pentabrids offer flexibility to integrators and installers, with a Pentabrid DVR security professionals, are able to have a product that capable of solving multiple problems that they may be faced with. Pentabrid DVRs are a great solution generator that would be great for any security professional to add to their product catalog.

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26 Jun 2014

Traditional Analog v.s. IP Network Cameras

 IP network cameras contain some advantages over traditional analog cameras. IP network camera installation allows for flexible system integration, provides an expanded surveillance environment with high definition video. Optimize your business efficiency, reduce costs and reduce the number of false claims. With IP network surveillance technology you prepare your business for future technological advancements. So, what makes IP cameras so different from traditional analog?

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30 Jan 2013

960H – The New High Definition Analog DVR

Surveillance cameras with Sony’s Effio sensor produce high quality 700+ TVL images, but if you’re recording at CIF or D1, you’re not seeing that resolution.

New eLine DVRs optimized for 960H real-time recording offer 960 horizontal lines, the highest available resolution for Analog recording, while most DVRs currently on the market max out at D1 with a lower frame rate. Going from D1 recording to 960H is a 34% increase in resolution, and a full frame rate of 30 fpsensures no loss of image quality.

960H also has a wider format with a true-to- life aspect ratio that doesn’t stretch the image.

Better DVR recording performance gives you more cost-effective options when configuring and placing cameras. In addition, eLine PRO cameras with an Effio hard-coded feature set of Low Light Illumination, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) performs well in various light conditions. These cameras paired with a 960H DVR can be a formidable alternative to IP MegaPixel systems.


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