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29 Jan 2019

4 Ways To Find The Best CCTV Manufacturers

On any given day, there are any number of people looking for the best option to purchase new security and surveillance devices from. If you’re one of them (and not the type of buyer interested in Amazon results), chances are you’re familiar with the broad range of options. Not only are there a great deal of different types of security cameras available, but there are also innumerous CCTV manufacturers and security camera suppliers to choose from. read more

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14 Dec 2018

Solar Wireless Security Camera

Adopting a solar wireless security camera can not only be very beneficial for protecting large areas including remotely located properties but is also an extremely affordable investment. Recently in the security camera and surveillance industries technology utilizing solar power and 4G enabled have risen in popularity and use because of their innovative technology. read more

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06 Sep 2018

Advantages of Using A Solar Security Camera System

A solar security camera system has the unique ability to be used as a video monitoring systems in wide open, rural areas devoid of any power lines and electrical outlets. As the world at large becomes increasingly more aware of the impact humans have on the environment, more and more solar-based technologies are being implemented in products used across a wide array of different industries. read more

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22 Aug 2018
10 Jul 2018

Benefits of Solar Powered Security Cameras & 4G Surveillance

Wireless solar powered security cameras from online security camera suppliers are an affordable and effective solution for protecting large areas or a property in a remote location. 4G Solar surveillance solutions are a rising trend found in the security and surveillance industries for protecting outdoor environments. The technological advances in solar-powered technology have already brought numerous benefits to CCTV, such as solving primary power source problems. In this article, we will take a look at the primary advantages of solar-powered surveillance products and their lasting impact on CCTV. read more

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23 May 2018

5 Things Changing the Future of Security & Surveillance

Wholesale CCTV distributors and security camera manufacturers like ourselves make surveillance equipment affordable on any size budget. By developing advanced security network solutions to be utilized with cutting-edge software, more can be accomplished than ever. And the most important part is all of these impressive new offerings are now equally attainable to small business owners and major corporations alike.

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04 Apr 2018

CCTV Wholesale Distributors

CCTV wholesale distributors, surveillance equipment suppliers, security camera manufacturers, and other security-related companies make up an intricate network. Their partnerships in relation to each other are what branch the gaps and bring every aspect of the security industry together. If not for these professional relationships, innovative solutions like smart security and auto-tracking long-range night vision cameras would remain impossibly expensive (if not completely out of reach). And the CCTV wholesale distributors at eLine Technology continue to push the limits on what is possible when high-tech surveillance equipment meets innovative network solutions.

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15 Nov 2017
11 May 2017

What is a Pentabrid DVR and how does it benefit Installers?

Pentabrid DVRs are emerging on the marketplace you may have noticed that some of your favorite eLine Technology HD Over Coaxial Cable security recorders have evolved to into Pentabrid DVRs, but what is a Pentabrid? Pentabrid DVRs house 5 different technology solutions, HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD, Analog and IP Network Technology. Pentabrids offer flexibility to integrators and installers, with a Pentabrid DVR security professionals, are able to have a product that capable of solving multiple problems that they may be faced with. Pentabrid DVRs are a great solution generator that would be great for any security professional to add to their product catalog.

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21 Mar 2017

H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding: The New Movement In Video Surveillance Technology

High-efficiency video coding has reached new heights with H.265 and H.265+ Video Compression. With the rise of 4K technology and higher megapixel cameras, we need more efficient compression and H.265 can provide exactly what we need to reach maximum efficiency in bandwidth and storage reductions while maintaining the highest definition video quality. This new video compression can reduce bitrate and storage requirements by almost 80 percent, making surveillance systems more efficient and cost effective in the long run! Compression efficiency varies depending on the content of the recording and encoder settings, but typically, users are seeing at least double the efficiency compared to older video coding. Users find improved efficiency in two different ways; using the same quality of video definition, H.256 coding enables the video to be compressed to a file at a much lower bit rate, or when kept at the same bit rate, a much higher quality of video definition is achieved. Both of these WAYS reduces bandwidth, and reduces the required space on a hard drive, saving you money on internet costs and hard drives.

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