04 Nov

Bypass port forwarding with HDCVI and P2P

HD-CVI not only provides an affordable 1080p transmission over coaxial cable but, it is also easy to install and one of the reasons why is because HDCVI DVRs from eLine Technology utilize peer-to-peer (p2p) networking that allows the user to bypass port forwarding.
How does this feature work? If you own an HDCVI DVR from eLine Technology and have your DVR connected to the cameras and to the network all you have to do is enable P2P and then your DVR is ready to be accessed remotely.
This information is provided to help users connect their HDCVI DVR to a network, enable P2P, and setup remote monitoring from Mobile devices and from a browser.
Click Here to Download step-by-step Instructions or please utilize our video tutorials to help guide you through setting up your HDCVI DVR.

 How to setup an HDCVI DVR, Connect to the network and Enable P2P

How to Setup HDCVI on your Mobile Device

Download the mobile applications:

Questek MMS

iMMS Lite

Set up HDCVI on your Browser

HDCVI P2P Webiste: http://www.hdcvip2p.com/

If you are interested in learning more about HDCVI Technology, HDCVI Cameras and HDCVI DVRs contact us or call 800.683.6835.


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eline technology
October 27, 2016

If the DVR is setup for P2P, you can access it using the P2P website. See instruction below.

Go to www.hdcvip2p.com (Internet Explorer browser only)
> install activex plugins (disable any running firewalls or antivirus before installing)
> click Device tab
> type in the Device SN (QR code)
> username/password

Hope this helps, take care!

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