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Best Security Cameras 2018

Not all security cameras are created equal. The needs of every surveillance system differ from location to location. It is important for some surveillance systems to provide highly detailed surveillance footage while others may depend solely on remote access. Fortunately, there are a lot of great choices for anyone searching for the best security cameras 2018 currently has available. To help narrow down the choices I will provide a few things to consider when choosing the best security camera for your system. I will also provide a few of our most popular products. Visit our website for more information about the products discussed or to read more about who we are by following the link provided here: eLine Technology.

Best Security Cameras 2018 | Designs

Security cameras are designed with specific functions in mind to monitor different areas. This means while one design might capture a wide outdoor setting with each, it may not be suited for a surveillance setup that prefers discreet monitoring. The different designs serve a certain purpose that can only be fully realized when implemented in ideal conditions. Some of these conditions include property size, motion, weather, etc. Here you can find a brief description of the most popular different security camera designs.

Bullet Camera Design

The bullet camera design is economical, efficient, and one of the most common designs seen throughout the world. It is an ideal choice for DIY installers since it is relatively easy to mount and install. This design is ideal for monitoring settings that only require a fixed point, such as a doorway or porch.

Dome Camera Design

The dome camera design provides a more intimidating look and is often sought to deter would-be vandals and thieves. Because of its dome shape, it can be more difficult to determine exactly where it is focusing, making it ideal for anyone looking to intimidate potential criminals. Many dome cameras also offer the ability to zoom in directly on closer details, like facial features, and is ideal for monitoring a cash register, for example.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Camera Design

The PTZ camera design offers the user a more interactive monitoring experience. This design makes cycling back and forth over properties possible and can even be found with full 360-degree motion. The user can use pre-programmed motions or customize the pan, angle, and zoom to his preference.

License Plate Camera Design

The license plate camera design uses the most innovative technology to provide amazingly sharp details. Named for its ability to read the number on license plates, this design is highly desirable because of its numerous high-tech features.

Infrared / Night Vision Camera Design

The IR camera design makes monitoring in the dark possible with its night vision capabilities. Cameras that have night vision or infrared capabilities have come a long way from the murky, spotty footage they once provided. Now, IR cameras can see much further into the dark than before in settings with virtually no light. Best Security Cameras 2018 | Things to Consider

Remember that the needs of every surveillance setup are different. Not everyone needs a camera that has a full 360-degree viewing capability. Here are a few different things to consider because you purchase the best security cameras for your surveillance system:

  • Camera Design
  • Setting (Indoors/ Outdoors)
  • Property / Surveillance System Size
  • Footage Resolution Size
  • Wireless or Wired Video Recording
  • Price

With resolution size being than ever, many of our security cameras provide 4K Ultra HD surveillance footage. This surpasses 720p and 1080p and provides amazing clarity over large properties. You can see footage of 4K Ultra HD recordings compared to other resolutions below:

Best Security Cameras 2018 | Products

5MP IP Motorized Zoom Bullet Security Camera w/ IR (ELI-QUIP-B5-312AIR)Best Security Cameras 2018

  • 5 Megapixel ( 2592 x 1944 )
  • High-Efficiency H.265 Video Encoding
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • True day/night, ICR auto switch,
  • IR night view distance up to 95 ~ 160 feet
  • Digital WDR, 3D DNR

5MP IP Varifocal Vandal Dome Security Camera w/ IR (ELI-QUIP-VD5-312AIR)Best Security Cameras 2018

  • 5 Megapixel ( 2592 x 1944 )
  • High-Efficiency H.265 Video Encoding
  • IP66 Weatherproof & IK10 ingress protection
  • True day/night, ICR auto switch,
  • Exceptional Starlight Features for clear night Video
  • IR night view distance up to 30 ~ 65 feet
  • Digital WDR, 3D DNRBest Security Cameras 2018

2MP Auto Tracking Starlight PTZ 30x Zoom (ELI-IP5-APTZ21-30XRS)

  • 2MP resolution (1920×1080)
  • Starlight Technology IR (Color vision at night)
  • Powerful 30x optical zoom
  • Pan: 0° ~ 360° endless; Tilt: -15° ~ 90°,auto flip 180°
  • Up to 300 presets, auto scan, 8 tours, 5 patternsBest Security Cameras 2018
  • IR Distance up to 492 feet (150 meters)

4MP IP License Plate Security Camera (ELI-QUIP-LP4-922MR)

    • 4MP (2592 x 1520 )
    • H.265 video encoding
    • 9~22mm Motorized Zoom
    • ICR auto switch, true day/night
    • 328 feet IR night view distance

Best Security Cameras 2018

4MP Economy IP Vandal Dome (ELI-IP5-VD4-28RS)

  • 4MP Resolution (2688 x 1520)
  • 2.8mm Wide Angle Lens
  • IR Night vision up to 98 feet
  • Weatherproof IP67 & IK10 Ingress Protection

Best Security Cameras 2018 | About Us

eLine Technology is a distributor of wholesale security cameras and surveillance equipment. We assist in designing and manufacturing our products and provide numerous security solutions to clients across the country. CONTACT US if you have any additional questions or to find out more about any of our products.

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Best Security Cameras 2018

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