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Best Night Vision Security Camera in 2019

Night vision surveillance technology has been around for quite a while now, with some form of night vision devices existing as far back as World War 2. Fortunately, with time comes improvement. The best night vision security camera in 2019 finally accomplished what all others failed to achieve before now.

Starlight Technology is widely regarded as the best nighttime surveillance solution available today. Starlight cameras easily outperform their comparable predecessors and finally achieve truly clear and crisp color night vision images. However, their overall performance isn’t the only advantage that makes them the leading brand.

In addition to their impressive capabilities, the cost of Starlight cameras only further solidifies their position as the best night vision security camera. They can now be found widely available through major online security camera suppliers, making them equally available and affordable for retailers.

Keep on reading the following article to learn some of the obvious benefits and reasons why Starlight cameras have risen in popularity since their introduction within the security surveillance market. Or visit eLine Technology to become an authorized dealer and get the top wholesale price for the best night vision security camera in 2019!

How Does Starlight Night Vision Technology Work?

A Starlight Camera utilizes some of the latest advancements in night vision technology. Its design comes equipped with special sensors that permit the camera to capture high-quality images in low-light to totally dark conditions.

Low light conditions in security surveillance devices are measured by their LUX ratings. The normal human eye can only view certain visible light in any given area. In situations where the LUX is considered below 20, the average person would have difficulty identifying objects clearly.

By contrast, Starlight cameras are actually able to see and capture recordings in conditions as low as 0 LUX. To put this into perspective, a normal suburban street at night would have something like a 3.0 – 4.0 LUX rating. Remote locations with no moonlight would have something like a 0.002 LUX rating.

All of this is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art sensors found in Starlight cameras. These sensors paired with noise suppression, lower shutter speed, and a wider aperture combine to collect the necessary light and data necessary to produce clear nighttime images. It can also be optimized to handle either black and white or color recordings.

Advantages of Starlight Security Camera

Obviously, to be regarded as the best night vision security camera in 2019 the device would have to be capable of producing the highest quality images in comparison to cameras of the same class. However, the footage itself is further improved by other added features. Below we’ll look at each of those advantages individually.

Better Night Surveillance Images

Thanks to its ultra-sensitive sensor and specialized lens, the Starlight security camera can produce images that are clear and actually useable. This is in obvious contrast to the dark and grainy images of the past that most people associate with night CCTV cameras.

The images can be delivered in a resolution size as high as 1080p and work in low-light conditions to total darkness. These details can be crucial in capturing facial or physical details and even extend into other applications, such as license plate capture.

They are available in 2MP or 3MP designs and come equipped with a 1/1.9” progressive scan CMOS image sensor with both full color or black and white capabilities. The maximum frame rates per second are between 50-60 and can be further advanced by enabling the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature.

Long Range Night Vision

Another fantastic reason Starlight cameras are considered to be the best night vision security camera is their long distance range. Rather than fall short in performance due to the limitations of traditional IR cameras, Starlight technology uses mostly natural light sources with low shutter speed to gain details.

Some of the more impressive Starlight camera options can see as far away as about 500 feet while still capturing useable footage. This only further allows them to be used in more professional applications across all residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

Versatility and Functionality

There are numerous options available as both Starlight HD Security Cameras and Starlight IP Security Cameras. Having these options means that the best night vision security camera can be bought on just about in budget and implemented into just about any existing video surveillance system.

They also come in various camera shape designs, such as domes, PTZ cameras, and even bullet shapes. Their versatility and diversity allow consumers to find the perfect nighttime surveillance solution appropriate for their applications, environment, and proposed budget.

In fact, Starlight technology is utilized in other applications that exceed even the security and surveillance industry. It is now commonly used within the marine industry for exploring the depths of the deep sea and allows explorers to capture the fantastic light shows of bioluminescent creatures.

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Best Night Vision Security Camera

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