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eLine Technology is your US home for Axxon Next Software

Purchase licencing thru us or create a complete smart-server system.  We have partnered our powerful video Analytic servers (eyStream: Mach series) with Axxon Soft Software to bring our customers an IP network security VMS platform with intelligent video analytics, video management software, facial recognition, POS and road traffic monitoring enterprise level video security solutions.

One for the Strengths of Axxon Next is that  the user interface software provides ease and system usability.  The New Axxon Next version 4.0 has refined the interface to provide accessible, transparent and manageable video surveillance.

NOTE*: We will service and Sell Axxon Next VMS Software Licening seperate from an eLine Hardware Purchase, However additional Tech Support charges for Axxon software outside of using eLine Mach Servers and hardware may apply. All Systems with eLine Hardware will be honered with complimentary tech support for the lifetime of the product.  

    Axxon Software Features

    New Slick User Interface:

    • New layouts screen: more functional, compact and attractive
    • Message board: displays messages about events matching user-specified filter criteria
    • Web board: for displaying camera settings or third-party web interfaces
    • Archive search interface: Criteria for all search types are now specified in a consistent, concise way. New mode for editing of the layout list, in which users can remove and reorder layouts.
    • Convenient selection archive for video playback: easily select which archive to pull data from in use with multiple archives
    • Switch all cameras in current layout to Archive mode now in just one click by special shortcut
    • New interface in Auto-Discovery: allows for easy creation and configuration of video archives
    • New object Navigator panel: contains a full list of objects in the system and provides an overview with configuration options for the relationships between objects.
    • New Alarms Panel: implemented as a drop-down resizable window and displays video thumbnails of recent alarms that require operator attention. Includes customization of the size of the panel and alarm thumbnails, based on the number of events to be displayed, and allows viewing previously processed alarms


    momentquestMoment Quest: Near-Instant search of recorded video. To find an event of interest later, just enter the necessary criteria: motion in zones, crossing of a line, size, color, direction, speed of object motion, and more. Thumbnails of relevant video episodes are shown in seconds. It is based on metadata, which is calculated for all moving objects in the field of view. The metadata contains objects’ attributes that are saved as text strings to a special VMDA* database at the same time as the video itself. (*exclusive Axxon innovation consisting of a database and storing descriptions of what is happening in the scene)

    Time Compressor: Visual scene synopses. All moving objects in recorded video are shown in a short video clip, compressing time but maintaining the original speed of motion of the objects. Click to view video in normal time.


    Connect from a single Client Workstation:

    Cross-System Client: empowers operators or administrators to connect from a single client workstation to multiple surveillance servers on different domains that are not part of the same system. All settings and cameras associated with these servers are consolidated in a single convenient view. Operators can access multiple independent surveillance systems simultaneously, even if the customer cannot or does not want to combine these systems and operators make use of all system functions and, as necessary, configure remote surveillance systems from their workstation without needing to connect to each server.


    Failover: Maximum VMS redundancy, backing up to failover server and automatic restoration of backup copy of the configuration of an offline server, in case of a failure of the main server

    • motionwaveMotionwavelet Transcoding: adds support for recompressing and saving video in MotionWavelet format, which allows for greater flexibility in selecting the quality for client-requested video based on current conditions. Green Stream now offers a third stream with MotionWavelet video, which changes to suit current network conditions and client resolution requirements.
    • MotionWavelet is an efficient video codec based on wavelet conversion, providing more flexible selection of the quality of video to stream to remote clients. It is best used with with Green Stream.
    • Green Stream saves bandwidth and client CPU resources The Green Stream feature automatically chooses a video stream from the server for a client depending on the resolution at which the video is currently displayed on the client.

    Face Recognition and License Plate Capture: Axxon Next will soon allow recording when faces appear in the field of view, as well as their coordinates. This data is calculated on the server or directly on the camera, in the case of cameras with on-board face capture capabilities. Appearance of faces in FoV is a special alarm event; this means that recorded video can be searched for all episodes in which a face is present. Axxon Next will also implement support for recognizing license plate numbers and searching recorded video based on them.

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