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10 May 2022

Security Camera Suppliers

Online security camera suppliers offer affordable, effective solutions for protecting large areas and properties in remote locations. 4G Invisible solar surveillance solutions have been a growing trend in the security and surveillance industry for protecting outdoor environments. Many technological advancements in solar-powered technology have already provided many benefits for CCTV. These include solving primary power source issues. We will be discussing the main benefits of solar-powered surveillance products as well as their lasting impact on CCTV.

An Introduction to Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Each location is unique and requires different solutions. Each property is unique and no two properties are the same. Properties that are located in remote areas often have large areas to cover. These businesses are often the victims of theft, vandalism, and intrusion.

Many people are searching for innovative solutions to protect their property (for a reasonable price) and are now looking for them. The rise of online security camera vendors allows people to protect their property with solar-powered security cameras.

The solar-powered security cameras use solar panels to capture energy from the sun to power the unit. They can be used without the need for an electrical power source. Solar panel security cameras are cost-effective and can be used in places where an additional power source is not required.

Solar-Powered Security Cameras: Benefits

Solar surveillance products offer many benefits, including flexibility, cost efficiency, and coverage. Here are some of the benefits you can expect.


Many properties located in remote areas or difficult terrains have trouble finding an appropriate power source. Solar panel security cameras can be placed in almost any location because they don’t require a cable.

This flexibility is often a key factor in rural areas that have farms. Wireless solar surveillance technology is also a benefit for construction sites, as it takes advantage of high vantage points that cover the entire site.

A solar surveillance solution is a good option for any property that has power problems or cables. Solar security cameras can be used by boatyards, vacation homes, and farms as well as warehouses, sheds, greenhouses, buildings, cabins, and mobile homes.

Eco-Friendly Affordable

Solar-powered technology is used to power CCTV cameras. This means that they are 100% powered by solar energy. They don’t have any impact on the environment and don’t pollute.

Government incentives are one of the reasons that many security camera vendors now sell solar-powered security cameras. Because of the clean, self-renewing power of solar products, governments around the globe, including the US offer tax credits, rebates, and other incentives.

In recent years, however, solar incentives have dropped while solar-powered security cameras have seen a dramatic increase in their value. Many online security camera sellers sell affordable solar-powered CCTV equipment. This is the perfect time to buy new solar-powered surveillance equipment.

Scalability and 4G Connectivity

4G technology can be used to connect CCTV equipment to the cloud. They can connect to a 4G modem to record and send backup surveillance footage to a cloud that has remote access.

4G wireless surveillance cameras work well in outdoor settings because they don’t require a DVR to store video. Users can add as many 4G wireless cameras as they need to their system without having to deal with wiring or connectivity issues. No matter how many 4G surveillance cameras are needed, or the number of locations required, 4G surveillance systems allow for easy scaling.

4G technology solves the bandwidth problem to secure properties in remote areas at an affordable price. 4G wireless systems will continue to be popular as long as the security camera suppliers keep up with this trend. 4G wireless security camera is the ideal solution for outdoor surveillance systems that combine cloud storage and all-in-one functionality.

eLine Technology is a security camera manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of the best surveillance and CCTV equipment. We are passionate about what our team does and have been recognized as industry leaders in providing high-quality products and exceptional technical support.

To speak with a security specialist about the advantages of 4G surveillance solutions, contact eLine To order 4G wireless surveillance cameras online, visit eLine Technology. Get a custom quote and get started today with your solar-powered surveillance system.

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Security Camera Suppliers

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15 Apr 2022

Best Security Cameras 2022

All security cameras are not created equal. Every surveillance system has different needs. Some surveillance systems need to be able to view detailed footage, while others can only access remote locations. There are many options available for those looking for the best security cameras in 2022. Here are some things you should consider when selecting the right security camera for your system. A few of our most loved products will be included. You can visit our website to learn more about the products or read about us by clicking the link: eLine Technology. For any questions regarding the Best Security Cameras 2022 feel free to give eLine a call at 800.683.6835.


Security cameras are made to be used in specific areas. While one camera might be suitable for monitoring large outdoor areas, another design may not work well in discreet surveillance. Each design serves a purpose and can only be realized in the right conditions. These conditions can include weather, property size, and motion. This page provides a quick description of some of the most common security camera designs.

Bullet Camera Design

Bullet cameras are a popular design that is efficient and economical. Because it is easy to mount and set up, this camera is a great choice for DIY installers. This design is great for monitoring areas that require only a fixed point such as a porch or doorway.

Dome Camera Design

Dome cameras are more intimidating and often used to discourage thieves and vandals. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the camera is focusing due to its dome-shaped design, which makes it ideal for intimidating criminals. Dome cameras can also zoom in on specific details such as facial features. This is great for monitoring cash registers, for instance.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Camera Design

The PTZ camera design allows for a more interactive monitoring experience. This camera design allows for cycling back and forth between properties and even full 360-degree motion. You can choose from pre-programmed motions, or you can customize the zoom, pan, and angle to your liking.

License Plate Camera Design

This license plate camera uses the most advanced technology to produce stunning details. This design is popular for its ability read license plate numbers.

Night Vision Camera Design / Infrared

With its night vision capabilities, the IR camera design allows monitoring in darkness. Night vision and infrared cameras have advanced a lot from the old, murky footage. IR cameras are now able to see further into the darkness than ever before, even in situations with very little light. Below is a video of one of our IR security cameras at work.

Things to Consider

Every surveillance system is different. Some people do not require a camera with 360-degree viewing capabilities. These are some things you should consider when purchasing the best security cameras for your surveillance system.

  • Camera Design
  • Setting (Indoors/ Outdoors)
  • Property / Surveillance Systems Size
  • Footage Resolution Size
  • Wireless or wired video recording
  • Price

Many of our security cameras offer 4K Ultra HD surveillance footage, which is a higher resolution than ever. This provides superior clarity and detail over larger properties than 720p or 1080p. Below is footage from 4K Ultra HD recordings.


5MP IP Motorized Zoom Camera Security Camera with IR (ELIQUIP-B5-312AIR).

  • 5 Megapixel ( 2592×444 )
  • High-Efficiency H.265 Video Encoding
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • ICR auto switch, true day/night
  • Night vision distance of up to 95 160 feet
  • Digital WDR, 3D DNR

eLine Technology supplies distribute and manufacture some of the best security products and video management systems in the world. Each member of our team shares a passion for this industry and continues to work in this area.

We are able to work with experts and professionals in the field to earn the respect of our industry and provide the best service to our customers.

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30 Mar 2022

CCTV Security Product

CCTV security products are essential for protecting the location of all types of property, including private homes, government buildings, large corporations, local businesses, and major corporations. The US surveillance and security industry is a multibillion-dollar market that continues to grow. This is due to the continued growth of high-tech surveillance equipment and CCTV security product. This trend is evident due to technological advancements and the accessibility and affordability of surveillance equipment through online CCTV suppliers.

Anyone with an investment in property security would be interested in remote access to surveillance feeds. Surveillance is no longer just for security guards who are professionally trained. For any questions regarding eLine technology’s CCTV security product feel free to give us a call at 800.683.6835

Direction Surveillance Is Heading

The future of surveillance and CCTV is changing, just like any other technology-driven market. Intelligent software and smart technology can perform jobs previously impossible to do by multiple employees.

Private security guards, for example, were once considered to be too expensive and were therefore considered a luxury. Remote video monitoring services are affordable and effective, and businesses and homeowners are now accepting remote security guards.

Intelligent video analytics in surveillance and security software is the main reason for this increase. Although affordable and accessible online CCTV security products played an important part, it is their remarkable, new features that are changing the direction of the industry.

New Surveillance & Security Cameras

An analog CCTV system has been known to be incapable of providing the required level of detail for identification. It is more common than not that you will see footage from CCTV surveillance on film or TV. The footage is blurry, grainy, and low-fi.

Modern CCTV equipment is able to record footage in 4K HD. New security cameras have superior resolutions to their predecessors. Many can record footage in Ultra4K HD. Even the worst-performing IP surveillance cameras can outperform the best analog CCTV equipment.

These security cameras are impressive for their resolution. They have options such as thermal imaging, tripwire setting, motion detection, missing object detection, scene changes alerts, true night vision, and motion detection.

A single CCTV system can perform the same job as multiple security guards when it is combined with the appropriate video recorder software. Remote guarding is the best choice for modern CCTV security and surveillance.

CCTV Security Product

These newer high-tech CCTV security product have one drawback: they need to be powered up all day. Wireless network security products have solved connectivity issues so it was easy to ensure they don’t lose power.

The solar-powered surveillance equipment is one solution to this power problem. These products use the sun’s energy to power the camera and save electricity.

Many large CCTV systems have multiple security cameras, which means that there are many video recording devices and servers. Each of these devices requires power in order to function properly. Most users will need to add additional generators or power stations to keep the system active.

As fast as security products and surveillance products, low-power servers have been improving. This is why every area of the field can achieve such rapid progress simultaneously.

You can watch the video below to learn about intelligent surveillance and video analytics using Mach servers.

CCTV Security Product

eLine Technology supplies distribute and manufacture some of the best security products and video management systems in the world. Each member of our team shares a passion for this industry and continues to work in this area.

We are able to work with experts and professionals in the field to earn the respect of our industry and provide the best service to our customers.

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23 Mar 2022

Wholesale CCTV

The world around us has been advancing in ways no one could have predicted and the security and CCTV surveillance industries have seen some of the most substantial changes. As a result, more people are investing in the technologies, making US wholesale CCTV suppliers in high demand. To speak with a team member in full about resolving an issue or for help finding the wholesale CCTV products you need, call the eLine Support Line at 800-683-6835.

This increased interest in what CCTV cameras can do and consistent progress in their diverse applications is something enjoyed by professionals and common citizens alike. This has led to an increase in both the affordability and availability of wholesale CCTV products.

eLine Technology is proud to be one of the few wholesale CCTV suppliers leading the way into the future of security and CCTV surveillance. We understand all the different aspects required to make wholesale CCTV products better overall and openly available for anyone to buy.

This means manufacturing security cameras equipped with advanced surveillance technologies in such a way that they are affordable to local CCTV suppliers. This means designing new and innovative ways to accomplish more with CCTV equipment for both commercial use and residential applications.

More than anything else, this means making wholesale CCTV products that are more durable, affordable, and capable of outperforming their predecessors. Succeeding in this venture is what put our name atop other CCTV companies, but our work is not done.

Remaining the industry-leading wholesale CCTV supplier takes continuous commitment to being the best we can be in every aspect of our business. From products to partners, support, and customer relations, striving for excellence is a never-ending mission that requires attention to detail at every possible level.


We understand that all of our clients have the same goal in mind – to become the best in their specialty area by exceeding their customers’ expectations and outperforming their competitors. For many businesses, this starts with carrying the best security cameras, recorders, and associated CCTV equipment available.

The wholesale CCTV products we offer our customers include superior versions of common CCTV equipment alongside products equipped with cutting-edge technologies. So whether it is a local security camera store in need of economically-priced security cameras or major CCTV distributors looking for top-of-the-line video management systems, all their needs can be met here.

View all our Security Cameras (including HD cameras, IP network cameras, 4G solar security cameras, and camera mounts)

View all our Video Management Systems (including Quadbrid recorders, Tribrid recorders, HD-CVI DVRs, IP NVRs, and video analytic software)

View all our Video Analytics Products (including Axxon Next, Mach Servers, and smart security solutions)

View all our Connectivity & Power Products (including power adapters, connectors, cabling, switches, tools, and other accessories)


eLine Technology is proud to be considered one of the best US wholesale CCTV suppliers, but we don’t maintain our success alone. eLine partners with other CCTV suppliers, security camera dealers, CCTV camera manufacturers, and CCTV distributors.

Together, along with our distribution partners, the network we have built branches into every aspect of our professional industry. Our company goal is to develop long-standing relationships by finding ways to help our partners reach a high level of success themselves.

We understand that success can be mutually shared and that, the better our partners become, the better we become. If you are beginning your own business venture or are interested in becoming a successful distribution partner, contact us for further assistance.


The ability to deliver a high level of support to our clients is something we’ve always valued and thought of as a top priority. This is the reason we decided to design an infrastructure that makes it easy to find the solutions you need whenever a technical issue arises.

The eLine Support Portal is the best place to do this and it gives users the ability to sift through previous support tickets to quickly find solutions to problems previously handled. It also allows users to communicate with the community and discover ways to improve their own company’s support knowledge.

Customer Relations

No matter what sort of products or experience a company has, they would be nowhere without the customers that support them along the way. At eLine, maintaining our customer relations is something each person on our team cares about deeply.

Exceptional customer support is only accomplished by understanding the importance of listening to the problem and being capable of finding a quick and efficient resolution. Whether that means giving product advice and recommendations or expert tips on how to handle a unique situation, you can trust that our team will be there. To speak with a team member in full about resolving an issue or for help finding the wholesale CCTV products you need, call the eLine Support Line at 800-683-6835.

Wholesale CCTV

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4k Solar Security Camera

Wholesale Surveillance

Wholesale Security Cameras

Wholesale Security Camera

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17 Mar 2022

Security Surveillance System Suppliers

To enhance safety and security, video surveillance systems are used by small businesses as well as large corporations. The industry continues to grow and prosper as more surveillance and security technologies are made commercially available to consumers and businesses. Innovative CCTV surveillance system suppliers are leading the charge by pushing the limits of what these products can do. For any questions about Security Surveillance System Suppliers call us at 800.683.6835

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