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Advantages of Using A Solar Security Camera System

A solar security camera system has the unique ability to be used as a video monitoring systems in wide open, rural areas devoid of any power lines and electrical outlets. As the world at large becomes increasingly more aware of the impact humans have on the environment, more and more solar-based technologies are being implemented in products used across a wide array of different industries.

The CCTV security and surveillance industries are no different and a solar security camera system actually serves a few useful purposes for users. Obviously, the initial reason all products designed to be run on solar power is because harvesting and storing solar energy is a completely sustainable, eco-friendly, 100% clean source of renewable energy.

There are still other benefits to using solar powered security cameras that go beyond the desire to be “green”. Whether it’s the ability easily add more solar panel cameras when necessary, secure distant or remote properties, or their surprising affordability, there are plenty of reasons to take on an interest in solar surveillance cameras for security.

In this article, I will take a more detailed look at some of those benefits to help you determine whether or not you could take advantage of solar surveillance products to protect your own outdoor property. For those interested, you can also click here to view a live solar surveillance system demo of a solar security camera equipped with 4G cellular technology.

Advantages of Using A Solar Security Camera System

The primary benefits of using a solar power surveillance system include flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Below you’ll find a more detailed view of each individual advantage.


Construction sites, large national parks, farms, and properties located in remote or distant areas all have unique difficulties when it comes to surveillance and security. Monitoring large outdoor areas or remote locations is commonly a challenging problem that solar panel security cameras are ideally designed to overcome.

Since a solar security camera is powered by harvesting the sun’s energy via connected solar panels, the issue of having no power lines or electricity is no longer a problem. So long as the user installs the solar panel camera in the proper position, the security camera is able to collect and store enough power to keep it running indefinitely.

Most solar panel cameras also come with a battery backup power unit in order to compensate for consecutive cloudy days preventing the solar energy from reaching the solar panels fully. Using a high vantage point to be able to collect the most possible energy also provides users the added ability to cover an entire property with fewer security cameras in place.


Solar panel security cameras actually aren’t all that new, but the recent trend in using solar power surveillance technology is primarily due to their surprising affordability. As more security camera manufacturers and CCTV suppliers compete for relevance in a highly competitive market, the cost of solar security camera systems has dropped dramatically overall.

Some might say this is because of the financial incentives that are given to people who use solar panels to power their home, which is partly true since the materials to manufacture solar panel security cameras are now much more accessible than they were even a few years ago. The government does, in fact, provide financial incentives to use solar surveillance products in the form of tax credits, rebates, and participation programs.

The other reason the cost of solar security cameras seems to be lower is the increasing general interest in finding eco-friendly solutions for almost every industry. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that the cost of solar power surveillance products are more affordable than ever before and the different types of solar surveillance products for sale are higher than ever before.


The final benefit of using solar panel security cameras is the impressive scalability option it gives to the users thanks to 4G cellular technology. 4G solar security cameras are able to store all their video recordings into a cloud-based surveillance video storage system from anywhere that has 4G connectivity.

In other words, so long as there is a cellular tower nearby a 4G solar camera can constantly upload all its footage to the cloud to be viewed from anywhere in the world remotely. Remote video access gives owners the desirable ability to view their property anytime they want from most network connected devices.

4G wireless solar cameras are ideal security and surveillance solutions for everything from farms and construction sites to mobile homes and campers. They do not require the usual wired installation setup nor do they need to be in the same network like a normal IP wireless camera system would.

Click here to learn more about using 4G wireless security cameras for cloud-based site security.

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